What is procedure code 99173?

What is procedure code 99173?

Visual acuity testing
CPT code 99173, 99174, and 99177 are used for vision screening. Visual acuity testing is normally performed as part of a pediatric preventive (well-child) visit.

What modifier is used with 99173?

modifier −25
99173 with an E/M service. We are getting denials for code 99173, Screening test of visual acuity, quantitativebilateral,” when we bill in conjunction with E/M codes. We append modifier −25 to 99173.

Is CPT 99173 covered by Medicare?

99173 is covered by Medicare, it’s just limited coverage meaning it can be upstaged by a higher RVU service which it usually is.

Can 99393 and 99173 be billed together?

See the Preventive Services for Commercial policy for those members who have preventive services under ACA. Visual acuity testing (99173) is a covered, separately reimbursable service when performed in conjunction with a preventive medicine service code (99382, 99383, 99392, 99393) for patients aged 3-5 years.

Does 99177 need a modifier?

on claims for services rendered to children between 3 and 5 years of age. modifiers should be used with CPT code 99174 or 99177? years or over 5 years of age, only one modifier is required (e.g., 99174-59).

What is procedure code 99381?

99381 Initial comprehensive preventive medicine evaluation and management of an individual including an age and gender appropriate history, examination, counseling/anticipatory guidance/risk factor reduction interventions, and the ordering of laboratory/diagnostic procedures, new patient; infant (age younger than 1 …

How do you bill for vision screening?

CPT® 99177 is the code for Instrument-based ocular screening (e.g., photoscreening, automated-refraction), bilateral; with on-site analysis. This is the appropriate reimbursement code for devices that perform analysis with software only and do not use remote analysis by human analysts, like iScreen Vision.

Who can Bill 99381?

As CPT Assistant (April 2005) notes: Codes 99381-99397 are used to report the preventive evaluation and management (E/M) of infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

Does 99381 need a modifier?

Providers must bill for preventative EPSDT services using the preventative service, office or other outpatient services and preventive medicine CPT codes (99381 – 99385, 99391 – 99395) with an EP modifier. EPSDT visits are paid at a global rate for the services specified and no additional reimbursement is allowed.

What is the CPT code for vision screening?

CPT Code 99174: Instrument-based ocular screening (e.g., photoscreening, automated-refraction), bilateral; with remote analysis and report.

Does CPT code 99173 apply to eye doctors?

Click to expand… However, if a Eye Doctor does it; it is covered…. A CPT code 99173 may be reported separately when other identifiable services unrelated to this screening test (e.g., preventive medicine services) are provided at the same time.

Is CPT code 99172 included in preventive services?

Code 99172 is included in Preventive Services for members under age 22 years as well. Q: Why is 99173 (screening test of visual acuity) not separately reimbursable when billed with a Preventive Medicine code?

What is the most popular version of the 99173?

Other than the “vanilla” 99173 itself, the -59 modified version is the most popular (does anyone want a distribution graph showing modifier usage? Just ask…). The implication is that using the -59, appropriately, may lead to an increase in well earned income.

Is NCCI 99173 included in E&M service?

Thanks in advance for any input! I agree with you – and per NCCI, 99173 is inclusive to the E&M service. And since it is related to the presenting problem, it would not be appropriate to unbundle it with a modifier.

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