What is Princeton from Mindless Behavior mixed with?

What is Princeton from Mindless Behavior mixed with?

He is of mixed African-American and Mexican descent, in which he calls “Blaxican”. In January 2015, Princeton released his first solo single “Don’t Believe in Love” on SoundCloud. In February 2017, Princeton announced the band’s end on his Twitter.

What happened with Princeton and mindless behavior?

In February, Princeton publicly announced the disbandment of Mindless Behavior via Twitter. This was due to the group not receiving the rights for their music, and wanting to do their own things outside of the group. He has not stated a release date for any of his own musical projects.

Why did Princeton leave mindless behavior?

In February 2017, rumors started spreading around that the group had disbanded after Princeton announced it after answering a fan question as he claimed that the group wasn’t getting the rights to their music and the members decided that they wanted to do solo careers.

Is Princeton Perez from mindless behavior?

Mindless Behavior’s Princeton Perez talks about his career as a triple threat and life after the band. In 2011, BET promoted Mindless Behavior as being the “much-needed return of the R&B boy band.”

What race is Princeton?

The enrolled student population at Princeton University is 37.2% White, 17.1% Asian, 9% Hispanic or Latino, 5.94% Black or African American, 4.25% Two or More Races, 0.119% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.0831% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.

What happened to the boy band Mindless Behavior?

Mindless Behavior (or simply known as “MB”) was a American boy band, best known for the singles, “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right”. The band was put together in 2008 and then disbanded in 2017, by Walter Millshap III, Vincent Herbert, and Keisha Gamble.

Who is the oldest out of mindless behavior?

Prodigy is the oldest member of Mindless Behavior. His real name is Craig Crippen Jr and he was born on December 26, 1996.

Who is the youngest in Mindless Behavior?

Chrisanto August
The youngest member of Mindless Behavior is Chrisanto August, A.K.A. Roc Royal. He was bron on July 23, 1997. Although, the “baby” of the group, he packs a powerful lyrical punch, providing sic and mindless rhymes.

How old is Rayan from mindless behavior?

26 years (January 6, 1996)Rayan Lopez / Age

How old is Jacob Perez now?

26 years (April 21, 1996)Jacob Perez / Age

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