What is PostgreSQL version?

What is PostgreSQL version?

PostgreSQL 14.2, 13.6, 12.10, 11.15, and 10.20 Released!

How do I find PostgreSQL version?

Check Postgres Version from SQL Shell Type the following SQL statement within the prompt to check the current version: SELECT version(); The resulting output provides the full version and system information for the PostgreSQL server.

What is the latest Postgres version?

The Global development group has released several versions of PostgreSQL. The latest version of PostgreSQL version is 12.3. This version includes more advanced features as compared to other older versions.

How do I check my PgAdmin version?

For the current version of PgAdmin: 4.16 at the time of writing. Select the DB whose version you need. Click on the properties tab in the right pane….

  1. Don’t see it. Using pgadmin 4 version 4.1.
  2. @faintsignal added screenshot for pgadmin4 v4. 1, that versioning jump happened pretty quick.
  3. Oh, my mistake.

Is Postgres 14 production ready?

PostgreSQL 14.1 was released on November 11th, 2021 containing some minor corrections on top of 14.0 which came out September 30th, 2021, production-ready with some great features. Related to partitioned tables, the performance has been improved via execution-time pruning.

Is PostgreSQL 11 backwards compatible?

Postgres 11 broke backward compatibility (columns proisagg and proiswindow are dropped from pg_catalog.

How do I upgrade PostgreSQL version?

These are the steps to perform an upgrade with pg_upgrade:

  1. Optionally move the old cluster.
  2. For source installs, build the new version.
  3. Install the new PostgreSQL binaries.
  4. Initialize the new PostgreSQL cluster.
  5. Install extension shared object files.
  6. Copy custom full-text search files.
  7. Adjust authentication.
  8. Stop both servers.

How do I check PostgreSQL status in Linux?

Using the Shell Command Line

  1. $ postgres -V postgres (PostgreSQL) 9.3.10.
  2. $ /usr/lib/postgresql/9.3/bin/postgres -V postgres (PostgreSQL) 9.3.10.
  3. $ psql -V psql (PostgreSQL) 9.3.10.
  4. $ /usr/lib/postgresql/9.3/bin/psql -V psql (PostgreSQL) 9.3.10.

Which is the best database for Python?

PostgreSQL database PostgreSQL is the recommended relational database for working with Python web applications.

What’s New in Postgres?

PostgreSQL 13 contains many new features and enhancements, including: Space savings and performance gains from de-duplication of B-tree index entries. Improved performance for queries that use aggregates or partitioned tables. Better query planning when using extended statistics.

When was PostgreSQL 14 released?

PostgreSQL 14 is the latest major PostgreSQL version, released on September 30th 2021.

Is PostgreSQL outdated?

Postgres is old as dirt, yet over the past five years it has panned out as pure gold. PostgreSQL (aka Postgres) is old as dirt, yet over the past five years it has panned out as pure gold.

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