What is plasma as a superpower?

What is plasma as a superpower?

The ability to manipulate highly ionized gas. Sub-power of Matter State Manipulation, Ionic Manipulation, and Nebula Manipulation.

What is the power to absorb energy?

Kinetic Energy Absorption: Absorbing the kinetic energy, or energy in physical movement. Being able to absorb the energy of physical attacks, such as punches, bullets, and concussive forces, making this person very hard to fight or incapacitate. Life-Force Absorption: Absorb the life-force of living beings.

What is Ergokinesis?

Description. This is the ability to psychically manipulate various forms of energy and energy-related phenomena.

What is the superpower called when you can make anything appear?

Omnificence | Superpower Wiki | Fandom.

Can we manipulate plasma?

Because plasmas are so hot, the only way to control them is using magnets. Electricity and magnetism are very closely related (see electromagnets). This means that moving charges, such as the electrons in a plasma, can behave as a magnet and be affected by a magnetic field.

What is plasma magic?

Plasma Magic is one of the 23 starter Elemental Magics that can be chosen once a player starts the game for the first time. It is slightly faster than Fire Magic with less base damage and a smaller magic size. It gives Scorched Status Effects, which deals damage over time and removes bleeding.

Can saiyans absorb Ki?

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Super Saiyan God Goku is able to absorb the godly Ki of God of Destruction Beerus’ Sphere of Destruction, dispelling the technique, though the process leaves him exhausted causing him to concede the fight, although Beerus is impressed by Goku’s potential and chooses to spare Earth.

Can humans absorb kinetic energy?

Capabilities. The user can absorb all forms of kinetic energy, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently.

What is Tychokinesis?

Tychokinesis, also called Stochokinesis/Stochastokinesis or Luck/Probability Manipulation is the ability to mentally alter the flow of stochastic fields, allowing one to generate good or bad “luck”.

What is Chi Manipulation?

Chi Manipulation is the power to manipulate the vital energy coursing within living organism and that constitutes health, also known as Qi, Ki, Youki, and other names. This ability appears most frequently in Eastern media, where the concept of Chi was first derived, and is typically associated with Martial Arts.

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