What is overhauling of centrifugal pump?

What is overhauling of centrifugal pump?

Overhaul means your pump is returned to ‘as new’ condition. All bearings and seals are replaced as standard. The mechanical seal is inspected and, depending on condition, repaired or renewed. This typically includes changing the bushings and shafts, re-establishing register fits and restoring impeller clearances.

How do you inspect a centrifugal pump?

The third party inspector checks the following items in the centrifugal pump casing inspection process:

  1. Visual inspection for damage.
  2. Dimensional check to drawing requirements.
  3. Witness or review hydrostatic test.
  4. Witness or review NDE examination.
  5. Application of test marks.
  6. Visual examination of welded on connections.

How do you maintain a centrifugal pump?

Pump Maintenance Schedule

  1. Clean bearing bracket from any oil if found.
  2. Check oil drain plug.
  3. Lubricate the bearings.
  4. Inspect suction and discharge flanges for any leak.
  5. Inspect pump casing for any unusual damage signs.
  6. Inspect the seal.
  7. If the pump is offline check the coupling and its shims for any damage.

How do you disassemble a centrifugal assembly?

How To Dismantle a Centrifugal Pump

  1. Disconnect the electrical wires entering the electric motor cover.
  2. Disconnect the circuit pump.
  3. Remove the screws (1)
  4. Uncouple the pump unit (2) and o-ring (13)
  5. Unscrew the caps (3), making sure you secure the impeller using a soft belt, so as not to damage the paddles.

What is wear ring in centrifugal pump?

Pump wear rings are the contact zone between rotating and stationary parts. During start-up, shut down, and off-design operation, the rotating and stationary rings come into contact. This contact creates friction and wear. Under adverse conditions, the wear rings can seize causing severe damage.

What is overhaul equipment?

Overhaul refers to an examination of machinery and the repairs or changes that are made in response to the condition of the system. Interchangeable with Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Tear Down, Overhauling machinery can be unavoidable, and the only process that can restore machinery to working condition.

What are the maintenance checklist on centrifugal pump?

In-Depth Centrifugal Pump Maintenance Checklist

  • Check pump for noisy bearings and cavitation.
  • Check bearing oil for water and discoloration.
  • Feel all bearings for temperature.
  • Inspect bearings and oil rings through filling ports.
  • Check oil leaks at the gaskets.

What is PM of pump?

Preventative Maintenance is inspection and repair scheduled at specific intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) or based on the number of hours run. Visual inspections are made externally and internally by dismantling the unit, replacing seals such as gaskets and mechanical seals, with pump parts checked for wear.

What is preventive maintenance of centrifugal pump?

A preventive maintenance for pumps usually includes the following: Check the bearing temperature, lubricant level, and vibration. Mechanical seals to show no sign of leakage, packing to leak at the rate of 40-60 drops/min. Overall vibration – visual, sound, touch analysis.

What is the second thing to do in dismantling a centrifugal pump?


  • disconnect the electrical wires entering the electric motor cover.
  • disconnect the circuit pump.
  • remove the screws (1)
  • uncouple the pump unit (2) and o-ring (13)

How do you isolate a centrifugal pump?

Consider using a foot valve and an outside source of liquid in order to prime the pump.

  1. Close the discharge isolation valve.
  2. Open the air vent valves in the casing.
  3. Open the valve in the outside supply line until only liquid escapes from the vent valves.
  4. Close the vent valves.
  5. Close the outside supply line.

What is stuffing box in pump?

A stuffing box of a pump houses a gland that compresses the packing used to seal the pumped fluid. It prevents leakage along the shaft that passes through a hole in the pump. Stuffing box reliability is critical to the condition and performance of the whole fluid sealing program.

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