What is on Sharjila?

What is on Sharjila?

Sharjila has an extensive silicon-based, oxygen-breathing ecology. Heavily populated areas are covered with fine silica (silicon dioxide) dust, the respiratory by-product of the world’s higher animal forms. High-speed surface winds, often laden with abrasive silica dust, present a hazard.

What planet is Dahlia on?

Dahlia is, in fact, a slaver and the leader of a band of pirates in the Artemis Tau cluster. Her group specializes in slaving, and includes humans, turians, salarians and krogan, operating out of a stronghold on Sharjila.

What planet is Artemis Tau cluster in?

The Artemis Tau cluster is located in the South-East corner of the Milky Way, almost directly due East of the Horse Head Nebula where Noveria is located.

Where can I find Nassana?

Nassana can be found in the Embassy Lounge of the Presidium. She will not interact with Shepard while on the Citadel, but will later transmit a message to the Normandy requesting his assistance.

Where is liara in Artemis Tau?

Liara is found in the Knossos system in the top-right. First, sweep for Discoveries not just in Knossus, but in the neighboring Athens system in the North-West of the Artemis Tau Cluster. Once there, check out Therum, the second planet orbiting the star.

Where is Therum?

Knossos system
You can find Liara on the planet Therum, which is in the Knossos system in the Artemis Tau cluster. Here’s how to get there. Head to the Galaxy Map on the Normandy and zoom out until you can see the whole of the Milky Way. The Artemis Tau cluster is located in the bottom right, so make this your next destination.

Who is Nassana sister?

Dahlia Dantius
Nassana hails from the wealthy and influential Dantius family. However, her own sister, Dahlia Dantius, has been blackmailing her.

Where is Liara Mass Effect 1?

the Knossos system

What planet is Liara T Soni on?

planet Therum
Where is Liara T’Soni? You can find Liara on the planet Therum, which is in the Knossos system in the Artemis Tau cluster.

Where should I land Artemis Tau?

While on the Normandy, open the galactic map and navigate over to the Artemis Tau cluster. From here, go to the Knossos system, then select the planet named Therum.

What planet is Nassana Dantius?

planet Illium
Nassana is encountered on the planet Illium in the partially built Dantius Towers.

Who voices Nassana in Mass Effect?

Grey DeLisle-Griffin, voice of Nassana Dantius, Kahlee Sanders, Dalatrass Linron, and Lieutenant Durand is doing an AMA : r/masseffect.

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