What is multi-unit abutment?

What is multi-unit abutment?

Multi-unit abutments (MUA) are specialized abutments that are commonly used in coordination with zygomatic dental implants, as well as full arch replacements, which are also known as all-on-four dental implants. MUA are available in a variety of sizes and angulations.

What is an N1 implant?

The N1 system includes an implant designed for immediate placement and predictable insertion torques, providing a trioval conical connection for the abutment to slide into place. Additionally, the system has an emergence profile designed for soft tissue maintenance.

What is multi-unit franchising?

Multi-unit franchising is when a franchisor awards a franchisee the right to operate more than one outlet within a defined territory. If run successfully, a multi-unit operation can be a lucrative partnership between a franchisee and franchisor.

What are implant abutments made of?

Abutments are typically made out of titanium, but other materials like zirconia and gold are sometimes used. Zirconia, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular since it’s has a similar color to your natural teeth.

What is the advantage of multi-unit franchising?

The primary benefit of multi-unit franchising is that the more businesses you own, the more potential there is for more customers, higher sales, and generating a higher profit.

What is an example of multi-unit business?

Multiunit enterprises have become the norm in several industries, such as apparel, banking services, consumer electronics, food and drug stores, general merchandise, hospitality, hardware, mail and package delivery, and toys and sporting goods.

What is a pick up impression?

Technique used to obtain accurate imprint of implant abutments and surrounding soft tissue. Before doing it, the implant superstructure is placed in situ and then picked up in impression material.

What is Nobel Biocare multi-unit abutment?

It is a smooth non-porous, nanostructured and anodized surface and possesses surface chemistry and topography that are specially designed to promote soft-tissue attachment. The original Nobel Biocare Multi-unit Abutment was developed in 2000 and was a first for the industry at the time.

What is a multi unit abutment?

Multi-unit Abutments The Multi-unit Abutment is designed for fixed and screw-retained restoration of partially and completely edentulous arches including the All-on-4 treatment concept. It comes in straight and angled (17° and 30°) alternatives with a broad selection of collar heights to match the thickness of the soft tissue.

What is the snap function on multi-unit abutment plus?

If you would like additional information, more details, or have specific questions about Multi-unit Abutment, click the link. “The snap function on the Multi-unit Abutment Plus allows for a quick, user-friendly incorporation of the temporary copings into the provisional restoration.

What are the benefits of the angled multi-unit abutments?

The angled Multi-unit Abutments allow for the tilting of the two posterior implants, meaning longer implants can be positioned in the anterior bone, rather than in the posterior where the bone is often resorbed. This increases bone-to-implant contact and reduces the need for vertical bone augmentation.

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