What is minimum fitting height?

What is minimum fitting height?

Minimum Fitting Height: The distance from the Fitting Point to the center of the reading area. Depending upon the manufacturer or design, targeting the Minimum Fitting Height can truncate up to half of the available reading area.

What is the minimum fitting height for progressive lenses?

With this type of eyewear, it’s essential to ensure your lenses fit your eyes and face. The minimum fitting height for progressive lenses is 28-30mm. This will allow proper room in each part of the lens so that you can see your best, whether you’re driving or using your computer.

How are progressives measured?

Make sure you are measuring from the bottom of the clear lens, not the bottom of the frame (see graphic above). Stare straight ahead and read the millimeter line that lines with the center of your pupil. This is your segment height measurement for these frames.

Why is Pantoscopic tilt important?

Pantoscopic tilt is most always recommended since it helps achieve a close fit by balancing the vertex in the 90 degree meridian. In addition, proper pantoscopic tilt will help maximize the amount of bridge surface resting on the nose.

Why are there numbers on my lenses?

These numbers are the measurements that indicate and describe the size of your eyeglass frames, specifically: 1) The eye size number (it is the size of the lenses on your frame). 2) The bridge size number (the distance between the lenses).

How is fitting height measured?

Measure fitting height Position yourself at the same eye level or same height as the patient. Mark the pupil center on the demo lenses. Measure from the center pupil’s markings to the deepest portion of the lens. The minimum fitting height of Novel is 16.5 mm.

How do you measure PD for progressive lenses?

How to Measure Your PD?

  1. Stand 8 in. away from a mirror.
  2. Hold a ruler against your brow.
  3. Close your right eye then align the ruler’s 0 mm with the center of your left pupil.
  4. Look straight then close your left eye and open your right eye.
  5. The mm line that lines up to the center of your right pupil is your PD.

Is Pantoscopic tilt good?

What is Retroscopic angle?

Some definitions first: Pantoscopic: The lens bottom is rotated towards the cheeks. Retroscopic: The lens bottom is rotated away from the cheeks. Rotation of the lens, around the horizontal axis occurs in frames at the hinge so temples mounted at the top of a frame are rotated like the above illustration.

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