What is MDS switch?

What is MDS switch?

Product description. Cisco MDS 9513 Director Switch supports from 12 to 528 auto-sensing 1/2/4Gb Auto-Sensing Fibre Channel ports, from 2 to 58 1Gb Ethernet ports (User configurable for iSCSI or FCIP) and up to 10, 10Gb Fibre Channel Modules in a single chassis and up to 1,584 Fibre Channel ports in a single rack.

What is a multilayer director switch?

The Cisco MDS 9710 Multilayer Director is a director-class SAN switch designed for deployment in large-scale storage networks to enable enterprise clouds and business transformation.

What speed support can Cisco MDS 32g fabric switch can provide?

? Pay-as-you-grow: The MDS 9132T Fibre Channel switch provides an option to deploy as few as eight 32-Gbps Fibre Channel ports in the entry-level variant, which can grow by 8 ports to 16 ports, and thereafter with a port expansion module with sixteen 32-Gbps ports, to up to 32 ports.

How do I create a zone in Cisco MDS switch?


  1. Log on to the Cisco MDS switch.
  2. To start the configuration, type: switch-A# config terminal.
  3. To create or modify the zone set, type: switch-A(config)# zoneset name zoneset_name vsan vsan_id.
  4. To add members to the zone set, type: switch-A(config-zone)# member zone_name.

What is Cisco zoning?

OL-17256-03, Cisco MDS NX-OS Release 4.x. 30. Configuring and Managing Zones. Zoning enables you to set up access control between storage devices or user groups. If you have administrator privileges in your fabric, you can create zones to increase network security and to prevent data loss or corruption.

How do you do MDS zoning?

How to do zoning in Cisco MDS SAN switches

  1. Collect the VSAN ID details and identify VSAN.
  2. Collect active zoneset in VSAN. ( sh zoneset active| grep -i zoneset)
  3. Collect WWPN details of the host.
  4. Collect WWPN or alias names of storage ports to zone.
  5. Collect fcalias details if you use fcalias database.

What is the function of SAN switch?

A storage area network (SAN) switch is a device that connects servers and shared pools of storage devices and is dedicated to moving storage traffic. SAN switches make it possible to build vast high-speed storage networks that interconnect thousands of servers accessing petabyte-scale data.

How do you zone a SAN switch?

How to zone a Brocade SAN switch in command line base?

  1. Plug in the FC Connector into an open port on the switch.
  2. Login to the server and verify the HBA connection.
  3. Check the Brocade Switch Port.
  4. Create the storage zones using the aliases on each switch.
  5. Add the zones to the fabrics on each switch.

What is NAS and SAN?

Both SAN and network-attached storage (NAS) are methods of managing storage centrally and sharing that storage with multiple hosts (servers). However, NAS is Ethernet-based, while SAN can use Ethernet and Fibre Channel.

What is alias in zoning?

Zoning supports the use of aliases, which are meaningful names assigned to devices. An alias can also be a group of devices that are managed together to make zoning easier. There are two types of zoning: Hardware zoning (port zoning)

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