What is included in the Willow Tree Nativity collection?

What is included in the Willow Tree Nativity collection?

This set includes Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and many other notable figures from the story. Figurines made of resin, others from wood & metal.

Who makes Willow Tree Nativity?

Susan Lordi
Willow TreeĀ® by Susan Lordi This one-of-a-kind approach to product creation makes her pieces truly individual… her hand, and her unique perspective, is evident in each sculpture.

How many pieces is the Willow Tree Nativity set?

Set includes: 6-piece Nativity Starter Set (Mary and The Christ Child, Joseph, shepherd, two lambs and donkey).

What pieces are in a Nativity set?

11 Piece Figures and Stable Nativity Set Figures included are the Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the three Wisemen, a shepherd, a cow, a lamb, and a donkey.

Who manufactures Willow Tree?

The figurines, which include a nativity scene, are made from hand-painted resin which is cast from Lordi’s hand-carved clay sculptures. Lordi partnered with the Demdaco company to produce, market and distribute Willow Tree figurines.

Which nativity is best?

25 Best Nativity Sets

  1. Fun Express Mini Christmas Nativity Set Stable with Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Wisemen.
  2. Lenox Holiday 7-Piece Mini Nativity Set.
  3. Rustic and Modern Nativity Set for Christmas.
  4. Kurt S.
  5. Miniature Kids’ Nativity Scene with Creche, Set of 12 Rearrangeable Figures.

How do you decorate a nativity set?

How to Decorate a Christmas Nativity Scene at Home

  1. Choose a Location for the Nativity Scene.
  2. Set Up the Nativity Scene Characters.
  3. Add the Shepherd and Wise Men Figurines.
  4. Use a Few Barn Animals.
  5. Light Up the Manger.
  6. Add a Layer of Straw.
  7. Create a Holiday Atmosphere.
  8. Use Additional Lighting in the Evening.

What are willow trees good for?

Not only do they provide food for rabbits and deer, their branches are ideal for nesting birds. Weeping willows do very well planted near water, where they can prevent soil erosion.

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