What is IEC 61162 1?

What is IEC 61162 1?

IEC 61162 is a collection of IEC standards for “Digital interfaces for navigational equipment within a ship”. The 61162 standards are developed in Working Group 6 (WG6) of Technical Committee 80 (TC80) of the IEC.

What is IEC 61162 2?

IEC 61162-2 – Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment and Systems – Digital Interfaces – Part 2: Single Talker and Multiple Listeners, High-Speed Transmission | Engineering360.

What IEC 60945?

— IEC Standard 60945(2002) Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems – General requirements – Methods of testing and required test results.

What is standard IEC?

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) authors international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. This standards collection addresses product development, performance, compatibility and related topics in order to ensure product compatibility and environmental safety.

What is the purpose of environmental testing?

Environmental testing simulates the different climatic conditions and mechanical stress that products are exposed to during their lifetime. As a result, these tests expose weaknesses in a product’s design or performance that could occur in service, particularly at extreme levels.

Can individual get IEC code?

An individual or a company who wants to do international business can get an IEC. Individuals can use either the name of their company or their name directly to apply for IEC.

Who grants IEC number?

the DGFT
It is issued by the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade). IEC is a 10-digit code that has lifetime validity.

What is environmental qualification testing?

Environmental testing is the measurement of the performance of equipment under specified environmental conditions, such as: extremely high and low temperatures. large, swift variations in temperature. blown and settling sand and dust.

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