What is IBM cloud marketplace?

What is IBM cloud marketplace?

IBM Cloud marketplace provides a catalog of enterprise services under a single URL. These services span three categories: software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Does IBM have a marketplace?

The IBM Cloud Marketplace Reseller Agreement is click to accept. You’ll have access to sell a suite of IBM offerings plus the entire IBM Public Cloud catalog of over 190 offerings. You can onboard with your preferred IBM Cloud Aggregator and start selling day one—no product-specific authorizations are required.

What is Marketplace in IBM Professional?

It is a real, single landing page for learning, trying and buying software and services from IBM and IBM Business Partners. The catalog is divided in three categories: Biz, Dev and Ops. Each category contains services you can try or buy. The services can be provided by IBM or by IBM Business Partners.

Who is IBM partnered with?

The IBM-Microsoft partnership is grounded in a shared vision across IBM’s hybrid cloud and AI strategy integrated with Microsoft technologies to benefit our clients. Through our continued collaboration, we are delivering a transformational experience for our mutual customers.

What is IBM’s market share?

IBM’s vs. Market share relative to its competitors, as of Q1 2022

International Business Machines Corporation IBM 3.66%
Accenture Plc ACN 3.08%
Adtran Inc ADTN 0.03%
Alpine 4 Holdings Inc ALPP 0.00%

How do I sell to IBM?

Become an authorized Reseller

  1. Apply for resell authorization. Become an authorized IBM Reseller, and start your application by following these simple steps.
  2. Sell, configure, price and order.
  3. Earn incentives and enjoy benefits.
  4. Maintain your IBM relationship.

What is IBM Partner program?

Find a partner Partner value IBM’s partner program is designed to help you grow your business, reach new markets and develop solutions with the latest AI and hybrid cloud technologies. As a partner, you’ll receive both technical and business support throughout your development and sales lifecycles.

How many IBM partners are there?

Currently, IBM has about 160,000 partners worldwide.

Who are IBM’s biggest customers?

Breakdown of IBM Watson customers by industry, the largest segments are Insurance, followed by Banking and Financial Services. Pie chart with 6 slices. Breakdown of IBM Watson customers by Country, the largest segments are United States, followed by Japan.

Is IBM a leader in AI?

For the fifth consecutive year, IDC ranked IBM® the #1 market share leader in AI software platforms for 2019.

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