What is Hyper VTEC?

What is Hyper VTEC?

HYPER VTEC is the latest refinement of Honda’s unique VTEC hydraulic valve control technology. Designed to improve 4-stroke engines; airflow and combustion efficiency, this new system is characterized by the camshafts directly actuating the valves via a lifter.

Does cb400 have VTEC?

1999–2001. 1999: The CB400SF Hyper VTEC introduced major engine improvements through the use of Honda’s VTEC system. While having four valves per cylinder, below 6750 rpm one intake and exhaust pair are disabled.

Does CB400 Revo have VTEC?

The power delivery is linear and refined. The super bike-style construction, inline 4 VTEC engine is as smooth as silk.

Why is cb400 so popular?

Other reasons for its popularity include its design, which can be said to be a model of a naked model, but above all, the sound of the inline-4 engine and the unique valve switching mechanism “Hyper VTEC”, which has been installed since 1999, can be said to be the main reasons for its popularity.

What is the Honda cb400sf HYPER VTEC Revo?

The modern-day Honda CB400SF Hyper VTEC Revo is based around a 399cc liquid-cooled inline DOHC four-cylinder 16-valve engine, much like its predecessor — but with the revised VTEC system and fuel injection.

What is the Honda CB400 Super Four (cb400sf)?

Considered one of the most iconic naked motorcycles in this part of the world, the Honda CB400 Super Four (or CB400SF) is a model so well known even non-riders could recognise. First introduced in 1992, the CB400SF (affectionately known as Super Four) has seen various stages of innovation, improvements and updates.

What are the service intervals for the Honda cb400sf?

Service intervals for the Honda CB400SF are every 12000 km/8000 miles, although the manual recommends checking the a few things in between (e.g. crank case breather, clutch, and brake systems). Major service intervals in which you have to change spark plugs and adjust the valves are every 24000 km or 16000 miles.

What kind of engine does a Honda CBR400 have?

These CBR400 motorcycles were powered by a 399 cc 16-valve air-cooled DOHC engine with a rotational speed valve stop mechanism called REV that changed the valves that opened from two to four at 8500 rpm — an early version of VTEC.

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