What is Hawkesbury known for?

What is Hawkesbury known for?

Known as the “food basket” for Sydney, the Hawkesbury area grows a vast range of produce including stone fruits, oranges, apples, pecan nuts, berries and various vegetables, many of which are for sale at various stalls dotted around the roads. Many of the orchards are open for “pick you own” customers.

Is Hawkesbury a good place to live?

A recent story from Maclean’s magazine is reporting that Hawkesbury is among the top 100 most dangerous places to live in Canada — based on a report it prepared which ranks communities according to the Crime Severity Index (CSI), a Statistics Canada tabulation of all crime reported by police.

Is Hawkesbury in Ontario or Quebec?

Hawkesbury is a pleasant town of 10,000 people (2016) on the Ottawa River near the Ontario-Quebec border about midway between Montreal and Ottawa.

When was Hawkesbury founded?

Founded in 1798, the town was eventually named for Charles Jenkinson, Baron Hawkesbury. Businessman Thomas Mears built the first gristmills and sawmills, and the Union, the Ottawa River’s first steamer.

Is Hawkesbury a French town?

Hawkesbury is a Franco-Ontarian city in Prescott-Russell county in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The vast majority of its 10,550 inhabitants are francophone. Skyline of Hawkesbury as seen from the Long-Sault Bridge….Ethnocultural ancestries.

Canadian 67.8%
French 38.7%
English 7.9%

Is Hawkesbury French?

The 2006 census finds that in Hawkesbury 77% of the population claims to have French as there mother tongue, 16% as English and 2.7% as both. More or less 70% of the population is bilingual. This is one of the highest percentages of bilingualism in Ontario.

Is Hawkesbury English or French?

How long is the Hawkesbury River?

74.6 miHawkesbury River / Length

What city in Ontario is closest to Quebec?

Hawkesbury, Ontario – Wikipedia.

Is Hawkesbury bilingual?

Which city in Ontario is closest to Montreal?

Major cities near Montreal, Canada

  • 5 km to Longueuil, Canada.
  • 16 km to Laval, Canada.
  • 166 km to Ottawa, Canada.
  • 166 km to Gatineau, Canada.
  • 235 km to Quebec City, Canada.
  • 400 km to Boston, MA.
  • 409 km to Rochester, NY.
  • 532 km to Newark, NJ.

Can you swim in the Hawkesbury?

Can I swim in the Hawkesbury River? Yes, of course. BUT ONLY IN THE BAYS WHERE THERE ARE MOORINGS – NEVER SWIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER AS THE TIDES ARE TOO STRONG!!! The Hawkesbury River is considered as one of the cleanest rivers in New South Wales.

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