What is Couette viscometer?

What is Couette viscometer?

The Couette viscometer is a well-known apparatus designed to measure the viscosity of a fluid that consists of two coaxial rotating cylinders whose relative motion leads to shear the fluid enclosed between both cylinders.

How does a Couette viscometer work?

In a rotational viscometer, a rotating cylinder creates a defined shear rate in the sample and measures resistance to flow by the torque generated. It produces a precise measurement of absolute viscosity for a wide range of viscosities.

What does plane Couette flow mean?

In fluid dynamics, Couette flow is the flow of a viscous fluid in the space between two surfaces, one of which is moving tangentially relative to the other. The relative motion of the surfaces imposes a shear stress on the fluid and induces flow.

What is a Couette cell?

The Couette-type shear cell consists of an inner quartz cylindrical stator (O.D. = 59mm for 1mm gap; 60mm for . 5mm gap) and an outer quartz cylindrical rotor (I.D. = 61mm).

Is Couette flow laminar?

Couette flow is laminar flow that arises when a viscous material lies between two parallel plates, where one of the plates is in relative motion to the other plate.

What does a viscometer measure?

viscometer, instrument for measuring the viscosity (resistance to internal flow) of a fluid. In one version, the time taken for a given volume of fluid to flow through an opening is recorded.

Why is Couette flow important?

Couette flow provides the simplest model for the analysis of heat transfer for flow between two coaxial cylinders or parallel plates. The Couette flow is important in lubrication, polymer and food processing.

Is Couette flow rotational?

Flow states in plane Couette flow in a spanwise rotating frame of reference have been mapped experimentally in the parameter space spanned by the Reynolds number and rotation rate. Depending on the direction of rotation, the flow is either stabilized or destabilized.

What is a stormer viscometer?

Description. The stormer viscometer measures the viscosity of a fluid by measuring the time taken for an inner cylinder in the mechanism to perform a fixed number of revolutions in response to an actuating weight.

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