What is Channel z about?

What is Channel z about?

Songfacts®: This song is about a fictional radio station which is “all static, all day.” It’s an upbeat song, but the message is serious: mass media glosses over important news by blanketing our consciousness with distraction.

How did the B 52 band get its name?

The name B-52’s comes from a particular beehive hairdo resembling the nose cone of the aircraft, which Pierson and Cindy Wilson wore in performances during the band’s first decade. Other names the band considered were the Tina-Trons and Fellini’s Children.

What year did the B 52 band come out?

Bio — The B-52s. Proud Purveyors of Love and Unity through music and pop culture since 1977… It is well known that the B-52s are The World’s Greatest Party Band.

Are the B 52 still together?

Since 2008 American new wave band, the B-52s, have been back in action. In 2008 the banded dropped the apostrophe in their name and release a new album, ‘Funplex.

How many B-52 are in a service?

76 aircraft
The B-52 has been in service with the USAF since 1955. As of June 2019, there are 76 aircraft in inventory; 58 operated by active forces (2nd Bomb Wing and 5th Bomb Wing), 18 by reserve forces (307th Bomb Wing), and about 12 in long-term storage at the Davis-Monthan AFB Boneyard.

Who died in the B-52s?

Ricky Wilson
Ricky Helton Wilson (March 19, 1953 – October 12, 1985) was an American musician best known as the original guitarist and founding member of rock band the B-52’s….Ricky Wilson (American musician)

Ricky Wilson
Born March 19, 1953 Athens, Georgia, U.S.
Died October 12, 1985 (aged 32) New York City, New York, U.S.
Genres New wave, post-punk

How many b52 are in a service?

Do B-52 bombers have bathrooms?

Given the lack of space on board the Bombers, there is no sitting toilet, and crew members must defecate into bags and dispose of the waste when they land.

Is there a real Love Shack?

“The Love Shack is a mythical place,” Pierson said. “It’s not based on a specific place but rather a series of down-home, throw-down, disco juke joints that you would find in the rural south,” she said. The shack on Jefferson Road was an inspiration for the song, though.

Are the B-52s a one hit wonder?

Many saw the group as odd, perhaps even with the makings of a novelty act (or worse, a one-hit-wonder). But as the decades of passed, their legacy has only grown. They are now rightly acknowledged as true rock innovators.

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