What is an indexer drive?

What is an indexer drive?

Index drives are used to start and stop a table, conveyor, or other piece of equipment at precise intervals. Index drives are designed using the mathematical laws of motion to create smooth, jerk free movements from one position to another along a production line.

What is an indexer motor?

The indexer, or controller, provides step and direction outputs to the driver. Most applications require that the indexer manage other control functions as well, including acceleration, deceleration, steps per second and distance. The indexer can also interface to and control, many other external signals.

What is indexer in machine?

Rotary indexers convey and position components during the manufacturing process. The indexing unit rotates items to a specific position, either fixed or variable. These indexers are often used to place objects at exact points around a workspace so that they can be worked on, like a circular assembly line.

What is an indexing servo drive?

Indexes are pre-configured moves stored in digital servo drives. They can be either absolute or relative depending on the preference for the motion application. The move profiles, including acceleration, velocity, and deceleration, can be individually defined and stored together in the drive’s internal memory.

Should you allow indexing?

If you have a slow hard drive and a good CPU, it makes more sense to keep your search indexing on, but otherwise it’s best to turn it off. This is especially true for those with SSDs because they can read your files so quickly. For those curious, search indexing doesn’t damage your computer in any way.

What is a stepper indexer?

The stepper motor indexer tells the motor what electrical pulse is needed for the motor to move according to the user’s needs. The term “clock pulses” refers to how many steps the motor creates and how much energy is fed into the motor as a whole for it to move the appropriate number of steps.

What is indexing motion its types?

Indexing is a necessary kind of motion in many areas of mechanical engineering and machining. An object that indexes, or can be indexed, is said to be indexable. Usually when the word indexing is used, it refers specifically to rotation.

What is indexer in CNC machine?

An indexing head, also known as a dividing head or spiral head, is a specialized tool that allows a workpiece to be circularly indexed; that is, easily and precisely rotated to preset angles or circular divisions.

What is indexer manufacturing?

IC manufacturing uses a rotary indexing table to achieve the precision positioning and accurate stepping of the die for slicing. Generally speaking, indexers are useful for any manufacturing process that requires repeating operations at multiple spots on a workpiece.

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