What is a water mist fire suppression system?

What is a water mist fire suppression system?

A water mist system uses water mist to control, suppress, or extinguish firesby: Cooling the flames and surrounding gasses through evaporation. Displacing oxygen by evaporation. Diminishing radiant heat by the small water droplets themselves.

How do water mist systems work?

Water mist consists of very small water droplets. The superior fire suppression capability of water mist is based on evaporation: when tiny water mist droplets turn into vapor, a great amount of energy is absorbed from the fire. This makes water mist an excellent choice for fire protection.

What is a water mist sprinkler system?

A water mist system is a distribution system connected solely to a water supply or alternatively to a water supply and an atomizing media (air or nitrogen) that is equipped with one or more nozzles capable of delivering water mist intended to control, suppress, or extinguish fires; this is defined by NFPA 750.

What is a mist system?

Low pressure water mist system is a system in which the system pressure is less than or. equal to 12.5 bar. Medium pressure water mist system is a system in which the system pressure is between. 12.5 and 35 bar. Object protection system (also known as local application system) is a water mist system.

Where are water mist systems used?

Typical applications, we see them going into some data centers out there, museums and theaters. Some historic homes have chosen water mist systems to have less water damage, and then large office buildings, so buildings companies are building that are high technology users.

Why do firefighters use mist?

It has the added benefit of shielding firefighters; the cloud of mist is very effective at absorbing radiated heat that can otherwise make it impossible to get close to a major fire.

How does a fire misting system work?

Misting systems cool both flames and surrounding gases by evaporating them. They displace the oxygen which feeds the fire, and extinguishes the radiant heat stopping the fire from breathing.

Where is a water mist fire extinguisher used?

Water mist extinguishers can be used on wood fires, petrol fires, gas fires, electrical fires and cooking oil fires, which is why they’re such impressive tools.

Can fire evaporate mist?

Inerting effect The water mist is drawn into the fire by the air, where due to the high heat, it quickly evaporates.

How do you use a water mist fire extinguisher?

How To Use A Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

  1. With the water extinguisher on the ground a safe distance from the fire, remove the safety pin and break the tamper seal.
  2. Aim the hose at the base of the fire with one hand.
  3. Holding the lever in your other hand, you then start to slowly squeeze it to discharge the water.

Are water mist fire extinguishers any good?

Water mist fire extinguishers are becoming a good choice of multi-purpose fire extinguisher, as they’re much safer and more environmentally-friendly than a powder and have impressive fire ratings.

What type of fire can water mist be used to quench?

Class A fires
Water mist extinguishers are primarily for Class A fires, although they are safe for use on Class C fires as well.

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