What is a specular map?

What is a specular map?

Specular maps are used to define the shininess/highlight on a surface. Typically a specular map is a black and white image that maps out the shininess value on an object. The whiter the pixel, the more shiny the object in that specific place on the texture (or on the texel).

What is a specular map Skyrim?

Specular maps are used to define an objects shininess and highlight colour. The whiter a pixel, the shinier the surface will appear in-game, meaning surfaces such as stone or old wood tend to have a very dark specular map, while surfaces like silver or plastic would tend to have lighter specular maps.

What is a DDS texture?

A DDS file is a raster image saved in the DirectDraw Surface (DDS) container format. It can store compressed and uncompressed pixel formats DDS files are often used for texturing video game unit models, but may also be used to store digital photos and Windows desktop backgrounds.

Is roughness map specular?

Reflection (aka Specularity) A Gloss/Roughness map will likely create the effect you’re aiming for.

Is specular and roughness the same?

Basically the difference is that your specular map controls the amount of sharp reflections you are getting from your material where as the roughness map controls how diffuse the material is. There are definitely some objects where the specular and roughness look very similar.

What is a roughness map?

Figure 31: The roughness map describes the surface irregularities that cause light diffusion. In this map, black (0.0) represents a smooth surface and white (1.0) represents a rough surface. The roughness map is the most creative map as it allows the artist to visually define the character of a surface.

Is DDS lossless?

The problem is simple: DDS is a lossy compressed format. Every time you go from an uncompressed/losslessly compressed format (like PNG, TIFF, or BMP) to a lossy format (like DDS or JPEG) you are going to lose a little bit of image quality.

What is the meaning of DDS?

Diehard Duterte Supporters (DDS) is a name adopted by political hardliners who support the 16th president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, whom they defend as a necessary strongman, to refer to themselves.

Is AO specular?

Typically the AO map is blended into the metalness or specular map, instead of being stored as a unique texture, because this saves memory. However this generally creates incorrect lighting because an AO map should only mask ambient lighting, not specular lighting.

What is the difference between gloss map & specular map?

Gloss mapping is more powerful than the traditional specular mask, as gloss influences not only the brightness of a highlight but also it’s size and the sharpness of reflections. When working with textures, gloss maps and normal maps are created first, then diffuse maps.

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