What is a Parrot Head Club?

What is a Parrot Head Club?

The San Diego Parrot Head Club (SDPHC) is a 501 c(4) Civic Organization founded in 1995 by a group of local Jimmy Buffett music fans who wanted to make a difference in their community. We are dedicated to preserving and improving the environment, and are active in many community-orientated projects.

How many Parrot Head clubs are there?

There are more than 200 Parrothead clubs across the world.

How do you become a Parrothead?

The Five Stages of Growing Up as a Parrothead

  1. (1) First getting introduced to Jimmy Buffett.
  2. (2) Learning songs by heart before being able to read.
  3. (3) Growing out of Buffett.
  4. (4) You can take Buffett or leave him, it doesn’t matter to you.
  5. (5) When you find out that YOU ARE the people your parents warned us about.

Where is Parrot Head?

The term “Parrot Head” was coined in 1985 at a Jimmy Buffett concert at the Timberwolf Amphitheater in Cincinnati, OH. Buffett has said numerous times that he attributes much of his fame to this area.

Who came up with Parrot Head?

Jimmy Buffett’s
The origin of the Parrot Head goes all the way back to June 28, 1985. One of Jimmy Buffett’s former Coral Reefer Band members, Timothy B. Schmit, gave birth to the phrase What is a Parrot Head at a concert held at the Timberwolf Amphitheater in Cincinnati, OH.

Who is Jimmy Buffett’s wife?

Jane Slagsvolm. 1977
Margie Washichekm. 1969–1972
Jimmy Buffett/Wife

Why are they called Parrot Heads?

Jimmy Buffett was noticing that an overwhelming amount of his concert goers were wearing tropical clothing and parrots on their heads. After seeing that enough times, the term was born by Timothy when he called them all Parrot Heads on a whim. Love Key West? Check out these Unique Key West T-Shirts & Accessories.

Where did parrot heads come from?

The crowd, wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying parrots was a sea of color to then Coral Reefer Band member Timothy Schmit. Parrot Heads across the web say that Schmit looked at the crowd and coined them Parrot Heads, a play off of the Grateful Dead’s fan base, called the Deadheads.

Why do they call them Parrot Heads?

Is Jimmy Buffett a twin?

Breaking News: Jimmy Buffett has a twin brother and you can meet him… Bob’s Photobooth Bus has long been friends with a man named Bernie Bong. It was not until recently that I realized his remarkable resemblance to the singer/song writer Jimmy Buffett and the fact he’s the lead singer and guitarist in a local band.

Did Jimmy Buffett marry Jane twice?

Jimmy Buffett paved his own way by leaving Nashville and pursuing music in Key West instead of hitting big cities like Los Angeles and New York. The skilled singer/songwriter has been married to second wife Jane Slagsvol since the ’70s and you’ll never guess how they met.

What does being a Parrot Head mean?

What is a Parrot Head? Parrot Heads are Jimmy Buffett fans. Coming from all different backgrounds united in escapism song lines and the love of everything tropical. Parrot Heads represent the best of society. Friendly, accepting, giving and a desire to conga through life in brilliant color.

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