What is a key tattoo?

What is a key tattoo?

Key tattoos are not just your typical lock and key tattoo anymore. There are more meanings to key tattoos other than the device to open a lock. Keys are also things we press that connect to make sound or to cause an electrical response. For example, keys on a piano and keys on a keyboard.

Can you get a tattoo of a heart lock and key?

One person gets a tattoo of a heart-shaped lock, and the other of a key – all in a matching style and aesthetics, often involving the same stylized decoration on the lock and the key. The bow of the key can also be heart-shaped.

What does a green lock and key tattoo mean?

The green hue makes the whole design look unique and elegant. Lock and key tattoos can be worn by couples to demonstrate their love and commitment to one another. One of the couples may decide to wear the lock while another wearing the key as a symbol that they are protected by each other.

What does a skeleton key tattoo look like?

Skeleton key tattoo – though ornate skeleton keys don’t look much different than standard keys, it’s your idea that counts. A skeleton key has some dark, Victorian gothic associations and appeal. In tattoo designs, the meaning of skeleton keys is underlined through using a skull-shaped bow.

How to choose the right Tattoo line pattern?

The line patterns go inwardly, drawing the eye to the keyhole, centering and framing it nicely. When choosing a design you should also think about the skin area you want it inked.

What does the all-seeing eye tattoo mean?

Line work tattoo with the all-seeing eye above. We can easily translate it to “the key to enlightenment.” The surrounding lines suggest light rays. This one goes inside the skin and sheds some blood. As you’ve noticed so far, there are countless possibilities for a mysterious key design.

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