What is a good size massage table?

What is a good size massage table?

Massage therapists 5’10” or taller should consider a massage table, such as the Multipurpose Massage Bed, which is 31 inches wide. Massage therapists that are anywhere between 5’5” and 5’10” should work with a massage table that is 27-30 inches wide, such as the Radi+ 2246B Electric Multi Purpose Facial & Massage Bed.

What should I look for when buying a massage table?


  • Table weight.
  • Quality and fabric styles.
  • Weight capacity.
  • Width of a massage table.
  • Table height and length.
  • Adjustable features.
  • Foam thickness.
  • Price.

What is the industry standard size for a massage table?

The industry standard dimension is around 30 inches wide by 71 inches long. In order to choose the right size of the massage table, the therapists need to consider both width and height.

How much does a master massage table cost?

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What is the most important and valuable piece of equipment for a massage therapist?

Massage Table. The massage table is likely the massage therapist’s most important, and most expensive, piece of equipment.

How much room do you need for a massage table?

The minimum dimensions for a massage room are 10′ x 12′. This will give you almost 4 feet (45 inches) on each side of the table.

How much weight can a master massage table hold?

Support Weight: 1,200 lbs.

Where are Stronglite massage tables made?

STRONGLITE: A US based manufacturer of professional massage tables since 1986, based in Vista, CA. Stress tests all products using advanced computer modeling to ensure client safety.

What type of massage table is bought with a bag which is a great idea for ease of carrying and movement?

A massage table that comes with a bag is a great idea, for ease of carrying and movement. A massage table and chair are the very minimum of what you need to start your business.

How did massage therapist prevent or avoid injuries?

Pressure can vary depending on personal preference within a range of different techniques. A deep tissue massage helps to prevent injury by breaking down adhesions and increasing range of movement. Adhesions are small bundles of collagen fibres that restrict movement and increase muscle tightness and pain.

What is the best brand of massage table?

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What are the best massage tables?

Renpho R3 Mini Massage Gun — now$114.99,down from$189.95.

  • BBAMK Massage gun — now$109.99,down from$139.99.
  • Jollyfit Mini Muscle Massage Gun – now$49.99,down from$79.99.
  • MECO 20 Speed Muscle Massage Gun – now$79,down from$139.99.
  • RENPHO Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager – now$69.99,now$99.99.
  • How to choose the best massage table?

    (1) Stationary or Portable?

  • (2) Wooden or Aluminium/Manual or Electric?
  • (3) Features After that,we’ll look at the features.
  • (4) Size and Dimension While the size of a massage table is pretty standard – 73″ (l) x 28-30″ (w),there are a few that are designed to be particularly
  • Which massage table should I buy?

    For an entry-level portable massage table,a price tag of$60 to$125 is reasonable.

  • For a high-quality portable massage table,the cost will be higher.
  • For a stationary massage table,you’ll usually pay between$450 and$1,000.
  • For a hydraulic or electric massage table,you’ll usually pay between$1,200 and$2,000.
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