What is a good CD34 count?

What is a good CD34 count?

Table 1

Characteristic Distribution
PB CD34+absolute count – median (range)b 10.2/μL (0.0–124.4)
Leukapheresis leukocyte count – median (range)b 155,794/μL (29,860–507,760)
Leukapheresis CD34+cell percentage – median (range)b 0.15% (0.02–0.79)
Leukapheresis CD34+absolute count – median (range)b 156.9/μL (10.1–2601.1)

How is CD34 count calculated?

The predicted number of CD34+ cells can be calculated by the mathematical equation: Total number of CD34+ (cells/kg) yield = [(peripheral CD34+ cells/L) × (collection efficiency coefficient%)/recipient body weight (kg)] × total liters processed.

What is the purpose of CD34 count?

CD34 counts to predict the adequate collection of peripheral blood progenitor cells. Bone Marrow Transplant.

How many CD34 cells are in peripheral blood?

At the time of initiating apheresis, the median peripheral blood WBC, MNC and CD34+ cell counts were 27.1 × 109/l (range, 1.5–139.6), 15.2 × 109/l (range, 0.1–56.9) and 39 × 106/l (range, 0–285.6), respectively. The median %PB CD34+ cells was 0.21 (range, 0–2.65).

What are CD34+ stem cells?

CD34 is a marker of human HSC, and all colony-forming activity of human bone marrow (BM) cells is found in the CD34+ fraction. Clinical transplantation studies that used enriched CD34+ BM cells indicated the presence of HSC with long-term BM reconstitutional ability within this fraction.

What is CD34 marker?

CD34 is predominantly regarded as a marker of hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) and hematopoietic progenitor cells. However, CD34 is now also established as a marker of several other nonhematopoietic cell types, including vascular endothelial progenitors 1 and embryonic fibroblasts 2.

Are Hematogones normal?

Hematogones are normal, maturing, B-lineage precursors that exhibit a consistent, reproducible, complex spectrum of sequential antigen expression. This defines hematogones into 3 stages of maturation. Stage 1 hematogones express CD34, high levels of CD10 and CD38, a moderate level of CD22, and absence of CD20.


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