What is a Dreyfus account?

What is a Dreyfus account?

BUILD YOUR WEALTH. The Dreyfus Lion Account® — with a roster of comprehensive tools and unique services — is a full-service brokerage account designed to help you confidently and effortlessly take control of your financial future. Call 1-800-843-5466 to learn more.

Who bought Dreyfus?

In 1994, Dreyfus completed its landmark merger with Mellon Bank Corporation, and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Mellon Financial Corporation. The merger, a milestone in the history of financial services in the United States, was at the time the largest-ever combination of a bank and mutual fund company.

Did Dreyfus become BNY Mellon?

NEW YORK, March 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BNY Mellon Investment Management today announced that it is rebranding the Dreyfus retail business and long-term mutual funds in the U.S. to align with the BNY Mellon Investment Management brand, effective on or about June 3, 2019, as part of a larger global brand initiative.

Does Dreyfus still exist?

Dreyfus, is an American investment manager of investment products and strategies. It was established in 1951 and is currently headquartered in New York City. Dreyfus currently is a subsidiary of BNY Mellon Investment Management.

What happened to Mellon Investor?

Mellon Financial Corporation was an investment firm which was once one of the world’s largest money management firms….Mellon Financial.

Industry Financial services
Founded January 2, 1870
Defunct July 2, 2007
Fate merged with Bank of New York to become BNY Mellon
Successor The Bank of New York Mellon

Is Dreyfus a mutual fund?

Below we share with you three top-ranked Dreyfus mutual funds. Each has earned a Zacks Mutual Fund Rank #1 (Strong Buy) and is expected to outperform its peers in the future. Investors can click here to see the complete list of Dreyfus funds .

Who founded the Dreyfus Fund?

John J. Dreyfus, Jr.
John J. Dreyfus, Jr. (August 28, 1913 – March 27, 2009) was an American financial expert and the founder of the Dreyfus Funds.

What happened to Dreyfus funds?

We are pleased to announce that the Dreyfus U.S. Retail business and its long-term mutual funds are now known as “BNY Mellon.” The name change better aligns us with the BNY Mellon Investment Management brand.

Who is Julia Louis Dreyfus husband?

Brad HallJulia Louis-Dreyfus / Husband (m. 1987)

While at Northwestern, Louis-Dreyfus met future husband and Saturday Night Live comedian Brad Hall. They married in 1987 and have two sons together: Henry (born 1992) and Charles (born 1997). Henry is a singer-songwriter, who has performed on The Tonight Show.

How much does the CEO of BNY Mellon make?

Bank Executive Salary
New York Mellon Bank Robert P. Kelly Chief Executive Officer $975,000
New York Mellon Bank Thomas A. Renyi Executive Chairman $1 million
New York Mellon Bank Gerald L. Hassell President $800,000
New York Mellon Bank Bruce W. Van Saun Vice Chariman and Chief Financial Officer $650,000

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