What is a DD 1299?

What is a DD 1299?

DD Form 1299, Application for Shipment and/or Storage of Personal Property is a form issued by the Department of Defense (DoD). The DD 1299 is used by service members and other eligible individuals to request shipment and storage of any personal property at the expense of the government.

What is a non temporary storage?

Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) is long-term storage of your belongings used generally instead of shipping your items to your new duty station. Expect the storage location to be located near the origin (pick up) location where items may remain for the duration of your PCS/tour.

What is a DD Form 1797?

DD Form 1797, Personal Property Counseling Checklist, is a form that is used to ensure the service member, dependent, or government employee has been briefed properly on the movement of their personal property within the Defense Transportation System.

How do I fill out a DD Form 2278?

DD Form 2278 Instructions

  1. First, enter the date prepared and the shipment number.
  2. Provide full information on your move and shipment.
  3. Box 5 must include the complete address of where the checks should be sent. Box 6 is for identifying the state of legal residence.

How long will the military store my household goods?

Temporary storage for 90 days is permitted when a delay prevents service members from moving into permanent housing at a new duty station. An additional 90 days may be requested through the local military transportation office. Any period beyond 180 days usually is considered long-term storage.

What is personally procured move?

PPM, or a personally procured move, is a do-it-yourself move within the military. You will be responsible for either packing/unpacking and transporting your belongings to your new location yourself or hiring your own commercial moving company.

How do I fill out a DD form 2278?

What is shipment of HHG permitted?

Household Goods Shipment. When you are ordered on PCS you are also authorized to ship your household goods (HHG) at government expense. The government authorizes you a weight limit based on your rank and family status. You are also authorized to ship unaccompanied baggage in conjunction with your orders.

How long does it take to get DITY move money?

How long does it take to process a DITY MOVE/PPM (Personally Procured Move)/Postal reimbursement? Our office is required to process these reimbursements within 7-14 business days. Once we complete your paperwork, we physically take it over to finance to be processed.

How much is a PPM taxed?

Incentive pay is taxed at 22%. You will be mailed a W-2 on the incentive pay amount for the tax year you received the payment….Personally Procured Moves (PPM)

Authorized Expenses Unauthorized Expenses
Tolls Meals/Lodging
Hired Labor Sales Tax
Rope/Tarps/Tie-Downs/Tie Straps Hitch Fees/Tow Bars
Packing Material Routine Maintenance

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