What is a BlueTEC diesel?

What is a BlueTEC diesel?

In short, BlueTEC® is a combination of diesel technologies geared toward improved performance, better fuel economy, and lower emissions.

Is the BlueTEC a good engine?

Is The Bluetec A Good Engine? The diesel engines are powerful, efficient and offer a high degree of power output and low emissions. Moreover, the power delivery has been designed to keep fuel consumption under control.

What is BlueTEC on a vehicle?

BlueTEC is Mercedes-Benz Group’s marketing name for engines equipped with advanced NOx reducing technology for vehicle emissions control in diesel-powered vehicles.

Is Mercedes BlueTEC a diesel?

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC models are equipped with advanced BlueTEC diesel and turbodiesel engines that return elite fuel efficiency. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC diesel engines produce low emissions, making them among the most eco-friendly non-hybrid luxury cars on the road.

Is BlueTEC turbo diesel?

Mercedes line of Bluetec’ turbocharged diesel engines can be found under the hood of many different Mercedes cars, SUVs and vans. These powerful and efficient diesels are designed with advanced controls for smooth power delivery, low emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

Is BlueTEC the same as BlueEFFICIENCY?

BlueTEC, therefore, is a little bit like BlueEFFICIENCY in the sense that it is a collection of technologies. However, BlueTEC refers solely to innovations that improve emissions and reduce toxic fumes escaping the exhaust. It does not refer to energy-saving or fuel-efficiency technologies elsewhere in the vehicle.

What is Benz BlueTEC?

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC® diesel technology works to bolster performance and fuel economy while also reducing vehicle emissions on diesel engines. To fulfill this unique capability, BlueTEC® engine components include: High-pressure fuel injection delivers optimal operation and pressure.

How often do you add BlueTEC?

every 5,000 to 8,000 miles
Based on conservative estimates, AdBlue may require topping up every 5,000 to 8,000 miles although this will fluctuate based on manufacturer, model, and driving style.

What is BlueTec clean diesel technology?

What Is BlueTEC Clean Diesel Technology? Christine and Scott Gable are hybrid auto and alternative fuel experts who brewed biodiesel and traveled 125,000 miles on waste vegetable oil. BlueTEC is a trademark name used by Mercedes-Benz to describe its diesel engine exhaust treatment system.

Why buy a Mercedes-Benz BlueTec diesel?

While diesel vehicles have long been popular in Europe, they are currently having their moment in the United States thanks to advances in diesel technology. When you choose a Mercedes-Benz diesel car, you can take advantage of BlueTEC® clean diesel technology whether you’re driving a luxury SUV or a cargo van.

How many Bluetec diesel vehicles were involved in the emissions class settlement?

Approximately ~100,000 Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC diesel vehicle are involved in the emissions class settlement, including various models of: Important Notice: The preceding information represents the opinions of Stern Law, PLLC, that should be thoughtfully considered by you and lawyers with whom you should consult.

What happened to BlueTec engines?

The BlueTEC was on the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list for 2007 and 2008. In February 2016, Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, Bosch LLC and Bosch GmbH were sued by private plaintiffs alleging BlueTec violates standards in a manner similar to the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

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