What happens to Emily and Damon in make it or break it?

What happens to Emily and Damon in make it or break it?

Damon eventually takes Emily’s virginity. In the meantime, Damon works on his music with Kaylie Cruz and they end up kissing in the recording booth (“Requiem for a Dream”). He later finds out that Emily quits gymnastics to be with him while he works on his music. They later get married and live a happy life.

What episode does Emily tell Damon she is pregnant?

“Make It or Break It” Requiem for a Dream (TV Episode 2011) – IMDb.

Why did they get rid of Emily on Make it or break it?

(In an especially ironic twist, Chelsea Hobbs, who played Emily and who was 24 at the time the show premiered, got pregnant during filming—a particular challenge for a show that emphasizes its cast’s bodies, and that caused her, as a result, to leave Make It or Break It after the second season.)

Does Emily from Make it or break it come back?

The third season gives the writers a chance to do some tidying up, which fans should appreciate. I should stress that the network hasn’t officially announced there will be no Emily in the third (and presumably final) season.

Does Emily tell Damon she is pregnant?

Emily goes to Damon and tells him that she is pregnant and rather than pursue a dream that is killing her, she would rather have the baby and be happily ever after with him now.

Does summer marry Steve?

He was engaged to Summer Van Horne, but Summer broke up with Steve after discovering that Steve had threatened Lauren’s mother not to come to Nationals.

Does Emily keep the baby Make It or Break It?

Emily later quits gymnastics as she decides to keep the baby and go to Las Vegas to live with her godmother.

Is Emily in season 3 Make It or Break It?

Main cast and characters

Character Cast member Notes
Emily Kmetko Chelsea Hobbs Seasons 1–2
Summer van Horne Candace Cameron Bure Seasons 1–2; recurring Season 3
Sasha Belov Neil Jackson Seasons 1–2; recurring Season 3
Steve Tanner Anthony Starke Seasons 1–2; recurring Season 3

Does the cast of Make It or Break It really do gymnastics?

According to Cassie Scerbo, who plays Lauren Tanner on the ABC Family series, they do as much as they can and as much as they are allowed to do, but for insurance purposes, the more difficult gymnastics are performed by stunt doubles. “All the dancing stuff you see, we do,” says the 22-year-old native New Yorker.

Is Emily pregnant Make It or Break It?

They take it to the “next level” in Season 2, with him taking her virginity. As a result of not using protection, Emily discovers she is pregnant. She tells him she wants to become a family with him and their baby, but runs to Las Vegas after finding out that he and Kaylie kissed while they were broken up.

Who is the father of Emily’s baby in Make It or Break It?

Damon and Emily end up having sex one night, pledging their love for one another. However, Emily soon finds out that she is pregnant with Damon’s baby. At the end of Requim for a Dream Emily goes to Damon and goes on about how they can be a family and everything slipping in how shes pregnant.

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