What happens in chapter 10 A Separate Peace?

What happens in chapter 10 A Separate Peace?

In this chapter, Gene travels by train to Leper’s house. As he stops for coffee, he concludes that Leper’s “escape” must have been from spies. The legend of Leper, created in fun at Devon, seems to have come true.

Why doesn’t Gene have a roomate?

Terms in this set (33) Why doesn’t Gene have a roommate? Because Gene chose Finny knowing that he would not be back.

Why did Gene knock Finny out of the tree?

Gene had very good reasons to push him out “Finny had put him up to it, to finish me fro good on the exam.” Page 49. He pushed him out of jealousy for two things. For athleticism, and for his popularity, and also for his ability to talk his way out of anything..

Why did he escape the army?

Why did he “escape” the army? Leper escaped the army because Section 8 was looking for him.

What happened leper Lepellier?

After only a short time in training, Leper escapes from the army. He, like so many other young men in his situation, suffers acute mental distress when faced with the realities of war. He has trouble eating and sleeping, and eventually succumbs to delusions and hallucinations.

What Leper accuses genes?

Why does Leper accuse Gene of causing Finny’s fall? He says Gene was a savage by pushing Finny out the tree. Because Gene got mad at him.

What is Phineas reaction when Gene does confess?

What was Phineas reaction when Gene did confess? He didn’t want to believe it. He asks Gene to leave. “If you broke the rules, then they broke you.” Who said that?

Why did Gene wear Finny’s clothes?

Why does Gene put on Finny’s clothes? He puts on his clothes because he wanted to be similar to Finny. Why does Gene accuse Finny of trying to pull him down? He accuses him because Finny is always interrupting Gene’s studies and making him waste time.

How has the war changed Leper?

The war has changed Leper to become a psychotic, rude and uncontrollable man who cannot think straight. He becomes mentally mad that old Leper is gone. Although the Leper did change, his change symbolically represents the outcomes of the war and how the boys at Devon are not ready for the war.

What happened to Leper in a separate peace?

What happened to Leper in the army?

From the beginning, Leper breaks down under stress. Challenged by Finny to jump from the tree, he freezes. Tossed the ball in blitzball, he refuses it. And, faced with the rigors of basic training, he suffers a mental breakdown — thus becoming a “psycho,” who runs away from the army.

Why did Leper join the army?

Leper’s decision to enlist stems from his inability to bear the prolonged waiting period, his desire simply to initiate what he knows to be inevitable.

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