What happens at the end of Waiting to Exhale?

What happens at the end of Waiting to Exhale?

Gloria eventually falls in love with a new neighbor, Marvin King. The situations all resolve themselves for the better. Savannah ends up permanently dumping her married lover.

What does the phrase Waiting to Exhale mean?

And “waiting to exhale” is more than just a metaphor. Physical breath holding can be our auto response to shock or stress, as well as something that happens when we’re waiting for, or anticipating events. Children will sometimes do it very obviously.

Who is Troy in Waiting to Exhale?

Mykelti Williamson
Waiting to Exhale (1995) – Mykelti Williamson as Troy – IMDb.

What song is playing at the end of Waiting to Exhale?

Exhale (Shoop Shoop) Savannah reunites with Kenneth; also, 2nd song in end credits.

How old was Angela Bassett in Tina Turner movie?

The film was directed by Brian Gibson, from a screenplay by Kate Lanier. Angela Bassett, a 34-year-old actress who is alternately intense, engaging and unusually candid, remains transfixed by a role that has the potential to change her career. Her performance as Tina Turner, and that of Laurence Fishburne as Mr.

How old are the ladies in waiting exhale?

Bernadine Waiting to Exhale Harris, one of the four protagonists. She is thirty-six years old, black, and college educated. After a marriage of eleven years, her husband, John, leaves her for his white, twenty-four-year-old secretary.

Was Angela Bassett friends with Whitney Houston?

Bassett And Houston Worked Together On ‘Waiting To Exhale’ Working with Houston was a dream come true for Bassett, and the two quickly became close friends outside the set. In 2020, she told Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight, “You know, working with Whitney…we were all such a fan.

Who is the little girl in Waiting to Exhale?

Actress Lela Rochon
Actress Lela Rochon is best known for playing Robin Stokes in the 1995 romantic drama Waiting to Exhale.

Did Waiting to Exhale win any awards?

NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture
NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Motion PictureNAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
Waiting to Exhale/Awards

Who produced Waiting to Exhale soundtrack?

Babyface wrote every single song on the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ soundtrack. When the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack was released in 1995, a review from the Los Angeles Times read, “Babyface has captured what it can mean to be a woman in 1995.”

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