What happened to Edie Beale after Grey Gardens?

What happened to Edie Beale after Grey Gardens?

Little Edie at Grey Gardens, in a still from the documentary. Over the following two decades she’d sell her famous home, relocate to New York City, and live in Florida, Canada, and California. She never stopped moving.

How much did Edie Beale sell Grey Gardens for?

In 1979, Little Edie sold Grey Gardens to Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn for $220,000 (equivalent to $821,000 in 2021) with the stipulation that they were not to tear down the house.

Who lives in Gray Gardens now?

Bed Bradlee and Sally Quinn restored Grey Gardens back to being a center of Hamptons social life. In February 2017, the property was listed for $19,995,000 by the most recent owner, writer Sally Quinn, who bought the property with her late husband (and onetime Washington Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee) in 1979.

Who owns Gray Gardens now?

For decades, Grey Gardens has belonged to Sally Quinn, the journalist, and Ben Bradlee, the longtime executive editor of The Washington Post who died in 2014. But despite the media couple’s 1980s-era salon luster, the house drew much of its fame — or infamy — from earlier stewards.

How was Jackie Kennedy related to Edith Beale?

Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale (October 5, 1895 – February 5, 1977) was an American socialite and singer known for her reclusive and eccentric lifestyle. Known as Big Edie, she was a sister of John Vernou Bouvier III and an aunt of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

What accent did Little Edie have?

But, she particularly wanted to know more about Edie’s accent. It’s a cultured accent crossed with some New York City accent.

How much is Grey Gardens worth today?

The buyers are a couple who “plan on lovingly restoring it.” Grey Gardens has sold.

Who is Big Edie and Little Edie?

Before the 1950s, Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith Bouvier Beale were members of an affluent family. But it all came crashing down after a divorce tore them apart. Known as Big Edie and Little Edie, the two were incredibly attached to one another.

Did Jackie ever go to Grey Gardens?

Torre still remembers when Jackie saw Grey Gardens for herself in 1974. “She had her round dark glasses concealing her face,” he said. “She took off her glasses in disbelief. I watched her face as she pondered over what she was looking at.”

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