What happened to Alto in Macross Frontier?

What happened to Alto in Macross Frontier?

Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye Towards the end, Alto manages to save Sheryl, who had become possessed by the Vajra. He sacrifices himself, and is whisked away from the galaxy.

Where can I watch Macross Frontier?

Watch Macross Frontier | Netflix.

How long is Macross Frontier?

115 minutes
Macross Frontier

マクロス F フロンティア (Makurosu Furontia)
Music by Yoko Kanno
Studio Satelight
Released February 26, 2011
Runtime 115 minutes

Who did ALTO end up with?

It ended the love triangle. The director wanted to concluded the triangle during the series itself, but the scriptwriter convinced him to give the resolution in the two retelling movies that came out after. Alto rejects Ranka, confesses his love to Sheryl.

What happened to Alto Saotome?

Is Gundam related to Robotech?

Mobile Suit Gundam is said to have pioneered the real robot subgenre of mecha anime. It is a science fiction media franchise created by Sunrise that features giant robots (or “mecha”) called “mobile suits,” with titular mobile suits that carry the name “Gundam.”

Is Macross better than Robotech?

Macross is the bigger and (I think) more mature version of the show. Robotech has its upsides. They did a good job stitching together 3 disparate series and making them into a good story. If you don’t know, Macross has its own rich storyline with a lot of really good (Frontier) sequels.

Who does ALTO end up with?

Who loves Alto?

Who is the MC in Macross Frontier?

Alto Saotome
Alto Saotome (早乙女アルト, Saotome Aruto) is the main protagonist of the Macross Frontier television series and the film adaptations The False Songstress and The Wings of Goodbye, along with Macross FB7 Galaxy Flow Soul: Listen to My Song!.

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