What happened Apple iBank?

What happened Apple iBank?

And fourth, “iBank” is sometimes used as an abbreviation for investment bank. This all builds up to a steep hill to climb to truly own the name of our products. So today we are announcing the end of the iBank name and the beginning of our new name for our apps: Banktivity.

Can I upgrade iBank to Banktivity?

Yes, you can upgrade from iBank 2 to iBank 5. First, you will need to upgrade your iBank 2 data to iBank 3 (make sure to use iBank version 3.5. 7). The trial version of iBank 3 will work fine; you do not need to purchase iBank 3.

Is there a free version of Banktivity?

Is there a free trial? Yes! You can try the Banktivity apps for free for 30 days. After 30 days, your credit card will be billed based on the selected tier (bronze, silver or gold).

Does Banktivity 7 work with Big Sur?

Banktivity 7 on macOS Big Sur Banktivity 7 has not been thoroughly tested on macOS Big Sur. Up to this point, we have not encountered any issues, but please bear in mind that version 7 is no longer under active development so if bugs do arise, they will not be addressed.

Does iBank work with Big Sur?

The vendor (IGG software) that originated the iBank product retired it. The company renamed itself to Banktivity, and that is their principal product currently with native support for Big Sur. It can be found in the Mac App Store.

What is iBank app?

iBank is personal money management designed for your life, with a social twist. View your bank accounts and credit cards in one place. Simple. And money smart!

Do you have to pay for Banktivity 8?

I keep seeing people who don’t use Direct Access complain about the subscription model as if it required to pay every year. I think the way they are marketing it has confused the situation, so let me make sure this is clear.

Does Banktivity work on M1 Mac?

The new Banktivity runs natively on the M1 Apple Silicon Macs.

Can I still use Banktivity 7?

In August of 2021, we announced that we would begin the process of sunsetting Direct Access 1. This is the version of Direct Access used in Banktivity versions 5, 6 and 7. One of the steps in this process is to stop allowing purchases of Direct Access subscription time in our older versions of Banktivity…

How do I upgrade to Banktivity 8?

The basic upgrade process Simply launch the new Banktivity on Mac and choose File > New and follow the onscreen prompts. You will be asked to find your previous version’s document so Banktivity can import it.

Does Banktivity work with Apple card?

Apple Card cannot be supported with Direct Access. Apple Card accounts would need to be updated manually in Banktivity until this changes.

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