What freight class are wheels?

What freight class are wheels?

Freight Classes

Commodity NMFC # Freight Class
wheels – metal, other than iron or steel 197592-01 85
wheels – iron, steel or wood 197592-02 70
doors – truck or hinge type vehicle 191680 100
tool boxes or garage cabinets – steel 39340 70

How do I find my NMFC code?

How to Determine an NMFC Code for Your LTL Shipment

  1. Search for the commodity within the tool.
  2. Select the commodity/NMFC that best fits the freight you are shipping.
  3. Calculate the density of your commodity with a freight calculator (you will need to know your commodity’s exact length, width, height, and weight).

What is freight Class 70?

Freight class 70 is one of the classes on the NMFC code list that ranges from 50-500. Common commodities and materials for freight class 70 can include: food items, car parts and engines, unassembled furniture, and machinery.

What freight class are casters?

CLASS 65 Casters, NOI, in bags, boxes or drums (NMFC 41725) 22.5-30 lb. CLASS 70 Extracts, gels or oils in boxes or drums (NMFC 58110) 15 – 22.5 lbs. CLASS 77.5 Gloves or mittens in boxes or completely wrapped bales (NMFC 49920) 13.5 – 15 lbs.

What are the 18 freight classes?

What are the 18 Different Types of Freight Class?

Class Name Notes, Examples
Class 150 Auto sheet metal parts, bookcases,
Class 175 Clothing, couches stuffed furniture
Class 200 Auto sheet metal parts, aircraft parts, aluminum table, packaged mattresses,
Class 250 Bamboo furniture, mattress and box spring, plasma TV

What is class 500 freight?

Class 500 freight is the most expensive to ship, the good thing for most consumers is that freight rarely falls into this classification. The 500 class is reserved for items of very high value or for items that use lots of space but weigh very little.

What is Class 55 freight mean?

Freight Class 55 is the class above 50, so it will typically have heavier commodities that are easier to handle with a lower liability. Determining the precise freight class number on a shipment is important because it will ensure a more accurate quote and it will save you from costly delays and reclassification fees.

How is LTL freight class determined?

How to Determine LTL and Freight Class?

  1. Know your commodity type.
  2. Measure your pallet dimensions and weight.
  3. Multiply length * width * height to determine total cubic feet.
  4. Divide the weight of the shipment by the total cubic feet.

What is Class 55 freight?

What is freight class 250?

Freight Class 250 is the classification most appropriate for bamboo furniture, engine hoods, mattresses and box springs, unassembled couches and plasma TV’s that weigh 3-4lbs per cubic foot.

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