What envisaged meaning?

What envisaged meaning?

Definition of envisage transitive verb. 1 : to view or regard in a certain way envisages the slum as a hotbed of crime. 2 : to have a mental picture of especially in advance of realization envisages an entirely new system of education.

How do you use the word envisage?

envisage (somebody) doing something I can’t envisage her coping with this job. I don’t envisage working with him again. it is envisaged that… It is envisaged that the talks will take place in the spring.

What is meant by Umeed in English?

Urdu Word امید – Umeed Meaning in English is Hope.

What does envisaged project mean?

to imagine or expect something in the future, especially something good: Train fare increases of 15 percent are envisaged for the next year. [ + that ] It’s envisaged that building will start at the end of this year.

Which is correct envisage or envision?

Envisaging often relates to planning real-world projects. When you envision something, it’s usually more hypothetical, imaginary, or removed from reality. The difference is subtle, but think of it this way: Envisaging usually involves something real, while envisioning involves mostly imaginary elements.

Does not envisage meaning?

To envisage is to imagine something that does not yet exist. The words envisage and envision share the same Latin root meaning to see. Both words are very similar in meaning but do have slight shades of difference. If you envision something happening, you can see it happening in your mind.

Do not envisaged meaning?

What is the noun form of envisage?

envisagement. The act of envisaging.

What’s the difference between Envision and envisage?

If you envision something, it’s usually something hypothetical or in the future, and is generally positive: I envision a world in which people don’t discriminate against each other based on arbitrary criteria. To envisage something is to picture something more concrete, and not necessarily in the future.

What is the difference between envisage and envision?

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