What drinks are included on Marella Discovery 2?

What drinks are included on Marella Discovery 2?

When you sail on Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2, Marella Explorer and Marella Explorer 2, all your drinks are included! It will include selected draught beer and cider, selected wine by the glass, spirits and aperitifs, selected cocktails and soft drinks by the glass.

Does Royal Caribbean have specials on drink packages?

Royal Caribbean does offer significant drink package discounts when purchased online before the cruise. There is almost always a discount of some kind available to for drink packages when guests pre-purchase them.

Does Royal Caribbean drink package include wine?

What is a Royal Caribbean beverage drink package? Quench your thirst onboard with a beverage package that gets you the best value on your favorite drinks, from Coca-Cola® to fine wine, premium and frozen cocktails to a full selection of beers, fruit juices and water.

How do I get the best deal on a Royal Caribbean drink package?

The easiest way is to purchase it via Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner site. You can buy the drink package at any time up to 48 hours before your ship sails. Buying a drink package in advance is the best strategy to save money, because it will cost more onboard the ship.

Can you upgrade drinks package onboard Marella?

You can upgrade to the Premium drinks package at the time of booking your holiday for 8 euros per person per night or when you get onboard.

What deck on a cruise ship is best?

The best deck on a cruise ship to avoid seasickness is the lowest passenger deck. This is because the top of a ship sways from side to side much more than the bottom. To avoid motion sickness, choose a cabin close to the waterline.

What cruise lines are offering free drink packages?

Cruises offering free drink packages include:

  • Azamara – always.
  • Celebrity Cruises – always.
  • Holland America Line – sometimes.
  • Marella – always.
  • MSC Cruises – sometimes.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line- sometimes.
  • Princess Cruises- sometimes.

How much do you tip on Royal Caribbean?

How much are gratuities on Royal Caribbean cruises? Royal Caribbean charges a gratuity of $14.50 per person, per day. For guests staying in Grand Suites and above, the fee is $17.50 per person, per day. In addition to this, an 18% gratuity is automatically added to all drinks, spa and salon services.

Is bottled water free on Royal Caribbean?

For non-alcoholic beverages, the Refreshment Package is offered on a per guest, per day basis, and includes coffee, tea, sparkling or still bottled water, fresh-squeezed juices, non-alcoholic cocktails, fountain soda and a complimentary Coca-Cola® souvenir cup.

Is food free on Royal Caribbean?

All Royal Caribbean cruise ships serve complimentary dining in the Main Dining Room, Café Promenade and Windjammer Café or Windjammer Marketplace (the name varies depending on which ship you’re sailing on, but the dining experience is the same).

What is the difference between all inclusive and premium all inclusive?

The only difference is in the beverages, the majority of the wines are only included in the Premium package. But note that some beverages ar not included in any package, even in Premium you still have to pay for them.

What drinks are included on Marella Explorer?

The standard all inclusive drinks package currently includes a selected draught beer and cider, selected wine and Prosecco by the glass, spirits and aperitifs, a range of cocktails and selected soft drinks by the glass, including mocktails and fruit juice.

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