What does Wiles stand for?

What does Wiles stand for?

a trick, artifice, or stratagem meant to fool, trap, or entice; device. wiles, artful or beguiling behavior.

What are women’s wiles?

ways of persuading someone that trick them into doing something: She’ll have to use all her feminine wiles to get him to agree.

What is the synonym of wiles?

Some common synonyms of wile are artifice, feint, maneuver, ruse, stratagem, and trick.

What does being wily mean?

sly, cunning, crafty, wily, tricky, foxy, artful, slick mean attaining or seeking to attain one’s ends by guileful or devious means. sly implies furtiveness, lack of candor, and skill in concealing one’s aims and methods.

How do you use wiles in a sentence?

Wiles sentence example Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. In later days he used to refer with pride to his services on this occasion, when he was first initiated into the wiles of Oriental diplomacy.

What part of speech is shod?

Word Type. Shod can be an adjective or a verb.

What is feminine guile?

adj. 1 suitable to or characteristic of a woman. a feminine fashion. 2 possessing qualities or characteristics considered typical of or appropriate to a woman. 3 effeminate; womanish.

What is the synonym of retort?

Some common synonyms of retort are answer, rejoinder, reply, and response.

What does wily mean in the Bible?

full of, marked by, or proceeding from wiles; crafty; cunning.

How do you use the word beheld in a sentence?

Use “beheld” in a sentence | “beheld” sentence examples

  1. We beheld the beautiful sand beach before us.
  2. His eyes had never beheld such opulence.
  3. She looked into his eyes and beheld madness.
  4. They beheld a bright star shining in the sky.
  5. Yesterday the sun shone until everything he beheld revealed its dazzle.

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