What does using filesort mean?

What does using filesort mean?

Anytime a sort can’t be performed from an index, it’s a filesort. It has nothing to do with files. Filesort should be called “sort.” It is quicksort at heart. If the sort is bigger than the sort buffer, it is performed a bit at a time, and then the chunks are merge-sorted to produce the final sorted output.

How do I avoid using Filesort?

1 Answer

  1. Increase the size of the sort_buffer_size variable.
  2. Increase the size of the read_rnd_buffer_size variable.
  3. Use less RAM per row by declaring columns only as large as they need to be to hold the values stored in them.
  4. Change tmpdir to point to a dedicated file system with large amounts of free space.

What is explain in MySQL?

The EXPLAIN statement provides information about how MySQL executes statements: EXPLAIN works with SELECT , DELETE , INSERT , REPLACE , and UPDATE statements. When EXPLAIN is used with an explainable statement, MySQL displays information from the optimizer about the statement execution plan.

What is file sort?

In MySQL, filesort is the catch-all algorithm for producing sorted results for ORDER-BY or GROUP-BY queries. MySQL has two algorithms for filesort, both the original and the modified algorithms are described in the user manual.

What are the features of MySQL?

What are the main features of MySQL?

  • Open-Source. MySQL is open-source, which means this software can be downloaded, used and modified by anyone.
  • Quick and Reliable.
  • Scalable.
  • Data Types.
  • Character Sets.
  • Secure.
  • Support for large databases.
  • Client and Utility Programs.

What sort does MySQL use?

The MySQL ORDER BY Keyword The ORDER BY keyword is used to sort the result-set in ascending or descending order. The ORDER BY keyword sorts the records in ascending order by default.

How do you sort Word documents?

Sort a list alphabetically in Word

  1. Select the list you want to sort.
  2. Go to Home > Sort.
  3. Set Sort by to Paragraphs and Text.
  4. Choose Ascending (A to Z) or Descending (Z to A).
  5. Select OK.

What is SQL explain different characteristics of SQL?

SQL is used to define the data in the database and manipulate it when needed. SQL is used to create and drop the database and table. SQL is used to create a view, stored procedure, function in a database. SQL allows users to set permissions on tables, procedures, and views.

Why should I use MySQL?

One of the reasons MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database is that it provides comprehensive support for every application development need. Within the database, support can be found for stored procedures, triggers, functions, views, cursors, ANSI-standard SQL, and more.

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