What does treble mean in crochet?

What does treble mean in crochet?

A treble crochet (sometimes called triple crochet) is taller than a double crochet and is made by working two yarn overs at the start of the stitch, instead of one yarn over as for double crochet. It is abbreviated tr.

Is a treble crochet the same as a double crochet?

‘Treble crochet (tr)’ is the same stitch as the American ‘double crochet (dc)’. Treble crochet is twice the size of the double crochet, and worked in a similar way.

How do you do a treble crochet stitch for beginners?

Here are the basic instructions.

  1. Yarn over hook 4 times,
  2. insert hook into next stitch and draw loop through – 6 loops on the hook.
  3. *yarn over and draw through two loops**, repeat * to ** four more times.
  4. This completes a triple treble.

How do you crochet a half treble?

Half treble (htr)

  1. Make your foundation chain as usual to start. Before inserting the hook into the work, wrap the yarn round the hook.
  2. Pull the yarn through the chain.
  3. You will be left with one loop on the hook.
  4. Then turn the work to begin the next row.
  5. For all subsequent rows, repeat Step 4.

How do you crochet a treble for beginners?

How many do you chain for treble crochet?

3 chains
Generally speaking, you will need 3 chains at the beginning of each row or round of treble crochet to raise it to the correct height. 2. Because these chains are large, you normally count them as if they are a treble crochet stitch, rather than ignoring them as we did for UK double crochet.

What is a half treble in crochet?

Half treble (htr) Half trebles are stitches that are the next height up to a double crochet stitch. The yarn is wrapped round the hook first before going into the stitch (or space) and then once pulled through the stitch (or space) there will be three loops on the hook.

What is 1htr mean in crochet?

Half treble crochet
Tutorial Overview Half treble crochet is between double and treble crochet in size, and looks slightly looser than double crochet. In this video we will show you how to create a half treble crochet. This stitch is used in the Tate Circular Rug Crochet Kit.

What is a US half treble crochet?

Half double crochet (hdc) Half treble crochet (htr) Yarn over hook, insert hook into stitch, yarn over. hook, draw up a loop, (3 loops on hook), yarn over. hook, pull through all 3 loops.

How do you crochet a half treble for beginners?


  1. Get to the point where you would like to make the stitch.
  2. Wrap your yarn around your hook first.
  3. Then insert your hook into the stitch (or chain space) that you’d like the htr to be made in.
  4. Wrap the yarn over your hook and pull the yarn through the stitch (or chain space).
  5. Wrap the yarn over your hook again.

What does 2tr mean in crochet?

Crochet 2 Increase
Increasing Stitches

Double Crochet 4 Increase 4dc Single Crochet 4 Increase 4dc
Double Crochet 5 Increase 5dc Single Crochet 5 Increase 5dc
Treble Crochet 2 Increase 2tr Double Crochet 2 Increase 2dc
Treble Crochet 3 Increase 3tr Double Crochet 3 Increase 3dc

How to make a treble crochet stitch?

Begin by crocheting a foundation chain. The first four of the stitches on the chain will count as the first treble crochet stitch.

  • Wrap the yarn over your hook twice. The next step is to push your hook through the next stitch.
  • Push the hook through the next stitch.
  • Wrap yarn over the hook.
  • Pull the yarn through the stitch.
  • Yarn over the hook.
  • How to decrease treble crochet?

    Treble Crochet Decrease. To work a treble crochet decrease, [yarn over twice, insert hook indicated stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, (yo, pull through two loops on hook) twice] repeat once more. You now have 3 loops on hook, yo and pull through all three loops on hook to complete decrease.

    How to front Post Treble crochet?

    fptr: front post treble crochet. yo: yarn over. st (s): stitch (es) Front Post Treble Crochet (fptr): Yo 2 times, insert your hook from front to back to front around the post of the next stitch, yo, pull up a loop, ( yo, pull thru 2 loops on your hook) 3 times.

    How to make a treble crochet cluster?

    A treble crochet cluster looks different from the front and back. Working rows of only these clusters will result in varied texture. To keep the stitches all facing the same way, work a row of single or double crochet between the rows of cluster stitch.

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