What does the limbo theorem quest give you?

What does the limbo theorem quest give you?

The Limbo Theorem Excavation missions will now guarantee one of the Blueprints at the end of 3 extractors as an End of Mission reward.

How do you get the quest after limbo?

A: The main blueprint for Limbo is not part of the quest’s reward. Completing the quest will award you with the Limbo component blueprints (Limbo Neuroptic, Systems, and Chassis). You can craft the Limbo after completing the quest by purchasing the Limbo Blueprint from the market.

Where can I farm limbo?

Limbo’s main blueprint can be purchased from the Market. Component blueprints are awarded from The Limbo Theorem quest, obtainable by completing the Europa Junction on Jupiter.

How does limbo work in Warframe?


  • When sliding into the Rift, Limbo leaves a portal in his wake that lasts 5 seconds.
  • Additionally, each enemy inside the Rift killed by Limbo grants him 10 energy, regardless of the plane Limbo is in.

How do you get the patient zero quest in Warframe?

In order for the player to start this quest, you must complete the Eris junction on Pluto. Upon completion, the player will be awarded with the Patient Zero Quest. Go to the Quest section of the Codex, select the quest, then click “Begin Quest” to start.

Is Limbo good for spy missions?

Limbo is very fast at doing Spy missions as he too can ignore lasers but he needs a little more setup, as well as a way of breaking cameras, which can ruin your day. The likes of Nova, Nezha and Volt are only really good for speed-running, when you don’t care about triggering alarms.

Is Patient Zero a main quest Warframe?

Players who have the blueprints for The Limbo Theorem, Hidden Messages, or Patient Zero will now automatically receive the quest itself upon logging in….Patch History.

Main Quests
Tenno Awakening Awakening • Vor’s Prize • Once Awake • The Archwing • Stolen Dreams • The New Strange ( Chroma) • Natah

Is the deadlock Protocol single player?

Nope. The whole mission is a solo endeavor much like everything else sans the Railjack stuff. After that, you and your friends can run Granum Voids together but the grind’s brutal for Protea’s parts.

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