What does Probeware mean?

What does Probeware mean?

Probeware is scientific equipment that allows probes to be interfaced with computer software to collect data to support students in interpreting and analyzing data. Over 40 kinds of probes are used in education; temperature, light, and distance probes are most common.

What is the function of Probeware?

Frequently, the role of the probeware is to lessen the drudgery, increase the amount of experimentation students can undertake, and to show the relationship between the experiment and an abstract representation of the data.

What is Vernier com?

Vernier Connections™ is a web-based platform that helps educators engage students in a fun, modern way through interactive and relevant investigations and projects created by STEM educators and leaders in science education.

What is Vernier Probeware?

Vernier is one of the first companies to popularize the use of computers and sensor technology, known as “probeware” or “Microcomputer Based Labs” (MBL), during laboratory experiments. Vernier Software & Technology. Industry. Education Technology. Educational software.

Who owns Vernier?

Dave Vernier
Vernier co-founder, Dave Vernier, had been a high school physics and physical science teacher for eight years when he began programming his first Precision Timer software application.

Who created Logger Pro?

In 1996, Vernier developed Logger Pro, a general-purpose data collection and analysis computer program, which after many revisions is now called Logger Pro 3.

Who owns vernier?

Where are vernier products made?

Vernier Software & Technology exports products to over 120 countries through Vernier International, based in Sarasota, Florida. The company produces 75 sensors and six data-collection interfaces.

Who founded vernier?

Pierre VernierVernier scale / Inventor

Do you have to pay for Logger Pro?

Download anytime and distribute to students from online account. Logger Pro 3 updates are free.

Is Logger Lite free?

Logger Lite is a free download for Windows and macOS computers. The installer will install the latest version or replace the existing installation of Logger Lite. Version 1.9. 4.

What is vernier Probeware?

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