What does phrase low hanging fruit mean?

What does phrase low hanging fruit mean?

Definition of low-hanging fruit : the obvious or easy things that can be most readily done or dealt with in achieving success or making progress toward an objective Maria and Victor have about three months’ living expenses set aside.

How do you use low hanging fruit in a sentence?

Example Sentences

  1. There are a lot of things that need to be completed for our project. I would suggest that we start with the low hanging fruit.
  2. For the new weight loss drug, the university girls in town were low hanging fruit. They are always looking for ways to lose weight.
  3. That company is low hanging fruit.

What’s another way to say low hanging fruit?

Low hanging fruit has a very different meaning. Some synonyms for the phrase from a business perspective include: “quick wins”, “no-brainers”, “easy rewards”, “easily accomplished work”, and “high return, low risk item”.

Where did the term low hanging fruit come from?

“Low-hanging fruit” refers to what’s easily achievable without much effort. This expression first appeared as early as the 17th century in various poetic or literary works as a vivid metaphor.

What is the opposite of low hanging fruit?

Noun. Opposite of plural for that obtained by easy means. high-hanging fruit.

Is low hanging fruit the best?

“In taller apple trees, the fruit that is high up, exposed to the sun, ripens the fastest. Low-hanging fruit doesn’t get much sun, and it’s not as ripe — not so delectable, you could say — as the higher fruit. You want to pick the low-hanging fruit last, so it has more time to develop.”

What is opposite of low hanging fruit?

Noun. Opposite of that obtained by easy means. high-hanging fruit. Find more words!

What is the idiom of hang in there?

phrase. If you tell someone to hang in there or to hang on in there, you are encouraging them to keep trying to do something and not to give up even though it might be difficult. [informal] Hang in there and you never know what you might achieve.

What does Hanging Tough mean?

Remain firmly resolved
Remain firmly resolved, as in We’re going to hang tough on this point and not give in. This slangy idiom uses tough in the sense of “aggressively unyielding,” a usage dating from the first half of the 1900s.

What does Hanging mean?

intransitive verb. informal : to refuse to be discouraged or intimidated : to keep going, trying, or working in a difficult situation …

What is the lowest hanging fruit?

Reach out to former customers. Former customers are low hanging fruit because they’re familiar with your products and services and it can be less challenging to get them to buy

  • Attract people walking by your store.
  • Look at your analytics.
  • Become a consultant.
  • What is the definition of low hanging fruit?

    low-hanging fruit. 1. That which is especially easy to obtain or achieve. Often implies something that is perhaps not as satisfying as that which takes more effort or skill to obtain or do. Jokes about the president’s peculiar way speaking are pretty low-hanging fruit, if you ask me.

    What is the low hanging fruit principle?

    The low-hanging fruit principle in business refers to the approach that some executives take to focus on the most easily attainable goals. Typically, these goals lead to the quickest results. This principle can apply to many aspects of a business, including: growth.

    What is the definition of low hanging fruit in business?

    The Original Meaning of ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ The phrase low-hanging fruit references the sweet,easy-to-reach fruit at the lower end of a tree’s branches.

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