What does percolating mean in slang?

What does percolating mean in slang?

intransitive) US informal. to become active or lively. she percolated with happiness. 4. to make (coffee) or (of coffee) to be made in a percolator.

How does a person percolate?

When a liquid percolates, it’s filtered through something, and when an idea percolates, it’s filtered through a group of people. Percolate often refers specifically to coffee, which is brewed by mixing ground coffee beans with hot water and filtering them through paper — in other words, coffee percolates.

What is the synonym of percolate?

verb. 1’water that has percolated through the soil’ filter, drain, drip, ooze, seep, trickle, dribble, strain, leak, leach. rare filtrate, transude.

Why do people say percolate?

Percolate comes from a Latin verb meaning “to put through a sieve”. Something that percolates filters through something else, just as small particles pass through a sieve. Water is drawn downward through the soil, and this percolation usually cleans the water.

What is the opposite of percolate?

Antonyms. sell exit uncut recede gather stay in place centralization. perforate penetrate infiltrate permeate filter.

What are antonyms for percolate?

What is the opposite of percolate?

pour gush
expel issue
erupt eject
emerge discharge
pour out belch

What do you call a love potion?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for love-potion, like: aphrodisiac, love philter, philter, magic potion, magic instrument, stimulant, viagra, philtre and love-philtre.

When was the word percolate first used?

percolate (v.) 1620s, “to strain through” (transitive), a back-formation from percolation, or else from Latin percolatus, past participle of percolare “to strain through.” Figurative sense by 1670s. Intransitive sense of “to pass through small interstices” is from 1680s.

Which is the closest synonym for the word pervasive?

synonyms for pervasive

  • common.
  • inescapable.
  • omnipresent.
  • prevalent.
  • rife.
  • ubiquitous.
  • universal.
  • all over the place.

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