What does not incapable mean?

What does not incapable mean?

a : not able or fit for the doing or performance : incompetent. b : not being in a state or of a kind to admit : insusceptible. c archaic : not able to take in, hold, or keep. d archaic : not receptive.

What does quite incapable mean?

unable to, not capable of, lacking the ability to, not equipped to, lacking the experience to.

What is an example of incapable?

Incapable sentence example. Pierre was silent because he was incapable of uttering a word. This time, he wasn’t a fever-riddled man incapable of defending her. Even if he was incapable of feeling real pain.

What does incapable mean sentence?

Definition of Incapable. not able to do something; not being capable. Examples of Incapable in a sentence. 1. She was incapable of calling for help when she fell down and broke her hip.

What is the difference between inability and incapability?

As nouns the difference between incapability and inability is that incapability is the condition of being incapable while inability is lack of the ability to do something; incapability.

What word class is incapable?

INCAPABLE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Who is incapable person?

incapable person means a person who, because of the person’s young age or a physical or mental disability, lacks the capacity to understand the risk warning.

What’s the difference between incapable and Uncapable?

As adjectives the difference between incapable and uncapable is that incapable is not capable (of doing something); unable while uncapable is (obsolete) not capable; incapable.

Is there a word Incapabilities?

1. Lack of ability or capacity: inability, incapacity, incompetence, incompetency, powerlessness.

What do you understand by capability?

Definition of capability 1 : the quality or state of being capable also : ability The mayor has demonstrated his capability to handle municipal problems. 2 : a feature or faculty capable of development : potentiality This vacant urban district has great capabilities.

What does not infallible mean?

“Fallible” means capable of making mistakes — or, easier to remember — capable of failing. Infallible means exactly the opposite — incapable of failing. This word is often used to describe human capacity for error — no one is infallible.

What is the root word of incapable?

incapable (adj.) and directly from Medieval Latin incapabilis “incapable,” from in- “not” (see in- (1)) + capabilis “receptive; able to grasp or hold” (see capable).

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