What does lugging around mean?

What does lugging around mean?

verb lugs, lugging or lugged. to carry or drag (something heavy) with great effort. (tr) to introduce (an irrelevant topic) into a conversation or discussion.

What does lugging mean in a sentence?

to carry or drag (something heavy) with great effort. 2. ( transitive) to introduce (an irrelevant topic) into a conversation or discussion.

How do you use lug in a sentence?

  1. Nobody wants to lug around huge suitcases full of clothes.
  2. She began to lug her suitcase up the stairs.
  3. She had to lug the kids around/about/along all day.sentence dictionary.
  4. Do I have to lug those suitcases all the way to the station?
  5. I had to lug my bags up to the fourth floor.

What is the synonym of lugged?

nounstate of lacking something needed or usual. dearth. deficiency. drought. inadequacy.

What is the meaning of pityingly?

: expressing or feeling pity.

What is shoe lugged?

: a thick rubber sole that has deep indentations in a pattern designed to provide good footing and is used on sport and work shoes.

Why are ears called lugs?

From 1620s as “handle of a pitcher,” this sense probably from Scottish lugge “earflap of a cap; ear” (late 15c. and according to OED still the common word for “ear” in 19c. Scotland), which is probably from Scandinavian (compare Swedish lugg “forelock,” Norwegian lugg “tuft of hair”) and influenced by the verb.

Does lug mean ear?

Translated: lugs, lug: ears, ear. “Goodness, it is not just airborne transmission – they can get to us directly through our ears and eyes – he will laugh and part with money any moment.

What is it called when you lack something?

absence, dearth, inadequacy, loss, paucity, poverty, reduction, scarcity, shortage, shortcoming, shortfall, need, require, want, abridgement, curtailment, decrease, default, defect, deficit.

What unavailability means?

Definition of ‘unavailability’ 1. the quality of being unavailable or inaccessible. 2. mathematics. the probability that something will operate incorrectly given particular conditions.

Is quizzically a word?

quizzically Add to list Share. When you do something quizzically, you do it in a questioning way. For example, if you look quizzically at your friend’s strange hat, you’re conveying the idea that you wonder where it came from and why she’s wearing it.


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