What does livery mean on a vehicle?

What does livery mean on a vehicle?

licensed for-hire vehicle
A livery vehicle is a TLC licensed for-hire vehicle designed to carry fewer than six passengers, excluding the driver, which charge for service on the basis of flat rate, time, mileage, or zones.

What is a livery vehicle Uber?

Livery vehicles are for-hire vehicles that are used by businesses to generate revenue by transporting people. Think taxicabs, limousines, buses, van pools and even hotel shuttles.

What does hiring livery mean?

For-hire livery insurance, also known as livery insurance, is a type of commercial auto coverage for vehicles that are used by businesses that generate revenue from transporting people.

Whats the difference between a cab and a taxi?

The words taxi and cab almost mean the same thing. The two terms come from the word ‘taxicab’. Taxi originates from taximeter where meter refers to the calculation of fare based on distance. A cab is a short form of cabriolet that came from a horse-drawn carriage.

What is a livery package?

From reference.com: A business that offers vehicles, such as automobiles or boats, for hire. From Wikipedia: A “livery vehicle” remains a legal term of art in the U.S. for a vehicle for hire, such as a taxicab or chauffered limousine, but excluding a rented vehicle driven by the renter.

Why do they call it a livery stable?

Historically in North America, “livery stable” had a somewhat different meaning: a stable where horses, teams and wagons were for hire, but also where privately owned horses could be boarded for a short time. Because of the temporary boarding aspect, livery stables were often attached to a hotel or boarding house.

Can I use livery for Uber?

Documents. Drivers using Uber Black must be professional drivers with commercial auto insurance (personal auto insurance does not qualify) and have all permits required by their city to operate a commercial livery vehicle in their area.

What does livery mean in LYFT?

Related Definitions Livery means every motor vehicle, other than a taxicab or a bus, used in the business of transporting passengers for compensation. Livery shall not include any legally permitted ride sharing services, such as UBER and LYFT, as well as vehicles which are rented or leased without a driver.

What is livery package?

What are cabs called in England?

The famous London taxis are actually called ‘hackney carriages’ but in London we just call them ‘black cabs/taxis’. London taxi drivers have to pass a special exam called the Knowledge to get their license so if you take a black cab, you can be sure the driver will know the way.

Why is cab short for taxi?

The earliest form of horse-drawn vehicle available for hire was called a ‘cab’ (short for cabriolet). The name stuck when cab firms upgraded to motorized vehicles, fitted with a ‘taximeter’ (which measured how far you’d gone). These were called ‘taxi-cabs’. Nowadays either word is used.

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