What does Kirin tattoo mean?

What does Kirin tattoo mean?

peace and kindness
The Japanese Kirin may be a perfect fit. This tranquil dragon tattoo originates in Asian mythology. It represents peace and kindness toward others and stability in the world—things we all wish for today. The Kirin also holds unique cross-culture significance.

What are the Japanese flower tattoo called?

Sakura Tattoos More commonly known as a cherry blossom, the Sakura is popular across the entire world for both its beautiful appearance and the things they represent. As the national flower of Japan, they are incredibly popular in Japanese tattoo designs.

What are Japanese tattoos called?

What is irezumi? Irezumi, also called Horimono and Wabori, refers to a traditional Japanese style of tattooing that is created using large scale motifs based on Japanese mythology and religious icons, historical characters and scenes from nature, the elements, and well known Japanese fables.

What does the Japanese word Yume mean?

The Japanese word yume means both “dream” and “dreams” in both the sense of one’s dreams when asleep and one’s dreams and aspirations in life. This elegant hand-brushed art of “Dream” is a beautiful reminder of the importance of our dreams in our life.

What do Japanese tattoos mean?

Japanese Tattoo Meanings The Traditional Japanese Tattoos known as “Irezumi” are the decoration of the body with mythical beasts, flowers, leafs, and other images from stories, myths and tales. Until the Edo period in Japan (1600–1868), tattoos world wide were done with marks and symbolism rather than imagery.

What does a Phoenix tattoo mean in Japan?

In Japan, the phoenix is a symbol of the imperial household. Therefore, the meaning of the Japanese phoenix tattoos often revolves around the imperial characteristics, like obedience, justice, fire, sun, etc. However, the phoenix can also symbolize both harmony and disharmony, as well as good and bad times.

What is a nue tattoo in Japan?

Nue Tattoos Japanese folklore possesses a creature called the Nue. It has a monkey’s face, a Tanuki body, the legs of a tiger, and a tail of a snake. It is believed that the Nue emerged from a black cloud and caused the emperor to become out of sorts.

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