What does HMB-45 positive mean?

What does HMB-45 positive mean?

The presence of one or two isolated HMB-45–positive cells may pose diagnostic difficulty in differentiating isolated melanoma cells from melanophages and benign cells showing melanocytic differentiation, such as nevus cells in lymph nodes (19).

What does Melan-A positive mean?

Abstract. The presence of Melan-A positive dermal cells in excisions for melanoma in situ represents a frequent conundrum for pathologists. These cells may represent superficially invasive melanoma, benign, incidental, dermal nevi or non-specific staining of dermal melanophages.

What does Melan-A stand for?

Melan-A (also known as MART-1, Melanoma Antigen Recognized by T-cells) is a melanosomal differentiation antigen that is recognized by cytotoxic T-cells.

What is Melan-A staining?

Melan-A, also known as MART-1, is an additional melanocytic marker and has proved to be useful in identifying metastatic tumors of melanocytic origin. The usefulness of this marker to discriminate pigmented actinic keratosis from early melanoma in situ, however, has not yet been a subject of investigation.

What is HMB-45 stain?

HMB-45 is a monoclonal antibody that reacts against an antigen present in melanocytic tumors such as melanomas, and stands for Human Melanoma Black. It is used in anatomic pathology as a marker for such tumors. The specific antigen recognized by HMB-45 is now known as Pmel 17.

What is Melan a melanoma?

Melan-A and MART-1 (melanoma antigen recognized by T cells) are the names given independently to the same gene which encodes a melanocytic differentiation antigen with expression in skin, retina, and melanocyte cell lines, but not in other normal tissues.

What is Melan-A melanoma?

Is a compound nevus benign or malignant?

Compound Nevi Typically they are light tan to dark brown, dome shaped papules that are 1-10 mm in diameter. Compound Nevi are benign proliferations of melanocytes at the epidermal-dermal junction.

What is mart1 stain?

Melanoma antigen recognized by T cells or Melan-A (MART-1), is a protein with unknown function that is associated with endoplasmic reticulum and melanosomes. Melan A is a sensitive and specific marker for the diagnosis of melanoma.

What is Prame positive?

A PRAME-positive result may indicate an increase in metastatic risk for a Class 1 uveal melanoma and a shorter time to metastasis for a Class 2 uveal melanoma. Specific risk estimates associated with PRAME positivity have not yet been determined, pending additional clinical validation.

What is melanocytic proliferation?

Atypical intraepidermal melanocytic proliferation (AIMP) is a descriptive histopathologic term commonly used in these cases to denote morphology sharing some features with melanoma but failing to meet criteria of a definitive benign or malignant diagnosis.

What does Melan mean in biology?

Melan- (prefix): Prefix meaning dark or black. It comes from the Greek “melas”, black. Examples of terms containing melan- include melancholia, melanin, melanocytes, melanoma and melena.

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