What does GNK droid mean?

What does GNK droid mean?

They were most commonly found on under-developed worlds that did not have an expansive power grid, or in mobile military operations. They often made a low honking noise that sounded like the word “gonk,” resulting in the nickname gonk droids or simply gonks. This form of droidspeak was referred to as “Gonkian.”

What were Gnk droids in lore?

The GNK-series power droid, also known as the gonk droid, was a type of well-known power droid manufactured by Industrial Automaton. They were often referred to as Gonk droids in imitation of their simple vocalizations. The Alliance to Restore the Republic modified GNK units so they acted as weapons.

How tall is a Droideka?


Manufacturer Colicoid Creation Nest (mentioned)
Place of manufacture Colla IV
Class Battle Droid
Height 1.83 meters
Sensor color Red

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