What does AEK 971 stand for?

What does AEK 971 stand for?

The AEK-971 (Russian: Автомат единый Кокшарова 971, “Rifle, common, of Koksharov, 971) is a selective fire 5.45×39mm assault rifle that was developed at the Kovrov Mechanical Plant (KMZ) by chief designer Sergey Koksharov in the late 1970s and 1980s (currently manufactured by Degtyarev Plant).

What is the an94 in real life?

The AN-94 (Russian: 5,45-мм автомат Никонова…

/ АН-94 «Абака́н», GRAU designation 6P33) is a Russian assault rifle. The initials stand for Avtomat Nikonova model of 1994, after its chief designer Gennadiy Nikonov, who previously worked on the Nikonov machine gun.

Is the AEK-971 a good gun?

Compared to the AK-74, the AEK-971 has 1.5 times better single-fire accuracy and 2.5 times better burst accuracy. Compared to the AN-94, the AEK-971’s accuracy of the second hit of short bursts is worse, but the accuracy of long bursts is better.

What are the best weapons in Battlefield 2042?

PKP-BP – The Best Weapon in Battlefield 2042 Right Now These stats make the PKP-BP objectively the best weapon, if not the same, compared to all SMGs or assault rifles in the game. The only drawback of this weapon is that you will have to pre- aim quite often.

What rifle is the Grau based on?

Why fans love(d) the Grau — Loosely based on the Soviet rifle, the Grau was popular because it could deal heavy damage long-distance, with minimal recoil.

Is the AN-94 in use?

At the present time the AN-94 is considered as the “professionals’ choice”, and is used in limited numbers by the elite forces of the Russian Army, police and Internal Affairs Ministry.

What is the fastest firing assault rifle?

It uses a side-by-side barrel configuration, and it can reach a maximum rate of fire of 6000 rounds/min when fired in two-round burst mode with a 0.01 second delay to increase ballistic performance, making it technically the fastest-firing assault rifle known.

Is the AN-94 a real gun?

The AN-94 Abakan is a Russian advanced assault rifle. The initials for Avtomat Nikonov (After the chief designer Gennadiy Nikonov) Model 1994, The AN-94 was considered the successor of the legendary AK-47.

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