What does a blue flag mean on a railroad track?

What does a blue flag mean on a railroad track?

Railroad blue lights signal to railroad operators that workers are on, under or between railroad rolling equipment. Blue signal protection means a clearly distinguishable blue flag or blue light by day and a blue light at night. If it’s not clearly distinguishable, it doesn’t meet requirements.

What is FRA Part 243?

FRA Part 243 Minimum Training Standards requires each railroad or contractor that employs one or more safety-related railroad employee to develop and submit a training program to FRA for approval and to designate the minimum training qualifications for each occupational category of employee.

Can a watchman lookout protect equipment fouling the track?

Watchmen/lookouts must focus their sole attention to the detection of approaching trains and equipment. Watchmen/lookouts should position themselves outside the foul of any track whenever possible.

Are railroads regulated by OSHA?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has jurisdiction over safety and health issues in the railroad workplace under certain circumstances. Since 1978, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has recognized that OSHA’s expertise in workplace safety applies to the railroad industry.

What does a blue flag tag or light do?

Blue Flag protection is designed to be much like lockout/tag-out procedures. Notification must be provided by the placing of a blue flag or light to notify those who might have access to the track to STAY OUT.

What is the cardinal rule of railroading?

The Cardinal Rule of Railroading: Always expect a train or equipment to move on any track in any direction at any time!

Can a train approach warning be used on a controlled track within an interlocking?

(4) Definite train location shall not be used to establish on-track safety within the limits of a manual interlocking, or on track over which train movements are governed by a Traffic Control System or by a Manual Block System.

How close can I work next to railroad tracks?

Working On Or Around Tracks All work beyond 4 feet from the outside rails and within 25 feet must be done under the supervision of a qualified inspector or CSXT flagman.

How many feet apart must railroad cars be in order to have a properly established route to pass to and from places of employment?

10 feet
A route shall be established to allow employees to pass to and from places of employment without passing under, over or through railcars, or between cars less than 10 feet (3 m) apart on the same track.

Why is the flag blue?

Blue Flag certification is a globally recognised eco-label accorded on the basis of 33 stringent criteria in four major heads which are environmental education and information, bathing water quality, environmental management, and conservation and safety and services in the beaches.

What is blue tag?

(1) A coloured label used in certain transfusion programmes that allows the donor of the unit to designate that the blood should go to a recipient with sickle cell anaemia. (2) A coloured label affixed to a designated apheresis (HLA-matched) unit for a specific recipient.

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